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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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The End of the ACPTR

To all former cadets, teachers, and anyone who has in some way been involved in the ACPTR (formerly ACP Boot Camp) since June 2008,

On March 22nd, Flipmoo, ex-leader of the Army of Club Penguin, relayed the news that when Club Penguin switches off its servers on Wednesday the 29th of March, the ACP will also shut down, bringing to a close over 10 years of defending Club Penguin.

The ACPTR has always existed to serve the ACP: to welcome recruits into the army and to train them, turning them into soldiers. With the ACP closing, the ACPTR’s mission is complete. As such, corresponding with the closure of the ACP, the ACPTR will also permanently shut down.

Alas, the ACPTR has not really been fully functional for a long time now – the last post was almost a year ago, and the last month that led to graduates was almost 2 years ago. With the declining population of Club Penguin, shrinking size of the ACP, and in general increase of people joining from other armies as opposed to beginning their careers in the ACP, it could not be sustained, both in terms of cadets and staff. This is nothing to be dissapointed by – it was ultimately an inevitable process.

It also takes nothing away from our history. The ACPTR was created on the 22nd of July 2008 by Omega39, as the ACP Boot Camp (although completely destroyed the old site is well worth a leaf through, particularly around February 2010-June 2011, which hasn’t been transferred over to this site). Its early history is a bit vague, going through a succession of leaders. Eventually TyloV5 became leader, who was the man who trained me when I was briefly a cadet, and was an absolute titan of the ACPTR. More great leaders followed: Matre10, who would be one of the greatest ACP and ACPTR leaders; Snowballpink, who was a fantastic leader and a greater friend; myself (dare I say that); Slider568, who led countless times when no one else would; Superoo13, who was so committed as to spend his own money on the ACPTR; PurpleSlime4 and Super Edwin who both led and helped for many months before leading the ACP; 12declan12, who without thanks nor recognition led the ACPTR for many months, rebuilt the site, and continued to care for the ACPTR long, long after his retirement. There have been 147A+ graduates and many more normal graduates in the seven years we spent training new recruits of the ACP.

It was noticeable when I wrote the preceding paragraph that unlike when I would think of an army’s history, or even my own life history, I’m not thinking of events that happened but just generally crediting the people who made the ACPTR function. The reasons for this are twofold: the first is that the ACPTR was not some great titan, it does not really have amazing stories surrounding it, but it was simply a division that tried its best to serve the ACP and the recruits who joined it however best it could. Workmanlike, professional; never vainglorious. The second reason is that instead of glorious events, the ACPTR really sticks in the memory because of the people who were a part of it. I will do my best to mention many of these people here:

  • Omega39
  • Axevolution
  • Clintos007
  • Jedimaster17
  • Manjenson
  • TyloV5
  • Matre10
  • Snowballpink
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Wolvetone
  • Packer1NFL
  • Hawkboy15
  • Rider4429
  • Twingy
  • CG2916
  • Sklooperis
  • 12declan12
  • Slider568
  • Mchappy2
  • Jackie202
  • PurpleSlime4
  • Superoo13
  • Tes7
  • Simple Leave
  • Epicorange1
  • Super Edwin
  • Danny9632
  • Antant98
  • And many, many more, who can be found here, here, or somewhere on the old or new site.

This list focuses on the staff – these are the names I remember best. But the ACPTR would have been an impossible task without the cadets. Cadets who were enthusiastic, who were active, who listened hard and worked even harder. Without cadets the ACPTR would have been utterly and completely pointless. I and many others would have never had these great experiences. Often you put up with being taught stuff you probably already knew, by people who weren’t really any smarter or much more knowledgeable than you, yet my experience with cadets was that they threw themselves into it 100%. From all the staff at the ACPTR, thank you, and I hope that we helped you and made you feel a part of the ACP when you first joined.

We must return to the question which has dogged us for our entire history: does the ACPTR work?  Maybe, maybe not. I don’t honestly know for sure and I certainly can’t settle the debate. But I say this: it does not matter. Whether or not it was a useful exercise does not take away from the brilliant experiences I had over many years in the ACPTR – the friends I made, the events I took part in, the passion I put into it. I hope and expect many of you reading this will feel the same way.

But beyond all of that, if we were able to help just one new recruit feel more welcome and at home in the Army of Club Penguin, then we have done our job. 

And with that, I can edit our motto, before typing it one last time:

We turned recruits into soldiers.

The Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment, 2008-2017.


3 Responses

  1. ACPTR and all those who ever took part in it made it what it the incredible place it was and always will be. It doesn’t matter whether or not ACPTR truely worked because it served its purpose (or at least I’d like to believe it did) and made ACP a more whole community. It provided people a sense of belonging and welcomed many into the army community for the first time.

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say this place has always held sentimental value for me and it always will.

    I can’t thank you all enough, for everything and although we’ve been gone for quite some time this place in particular will always have a special place with me.

    Thanks to all of you, Twingy, Skloop, Jack, Omega, Clintos and everyone else that helped ACPTR realize its potential and make the time here for all of us and myself included such a great experience.

    You nailed the post Twing. Great job I gotta say!

    We turned recruits into soldiers. We sure did.


  2. ACPTR was truly phenomenonal. I had a great time here as a student and as an instructor.

  3. This looovely ACPTR was an amazing experience for me and for all. It was thrilling to be leading a small part of the ACP and to be part of it when I was a troop…. I remember chase50 encouraging me and making me feel like a great troop for patrolling our capital in 2010. Thank ya for the good times

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