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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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In Need Of Tactic Session!!!

Mchappy: We still need Drill Leaders! I know we all picked, but Rock seems like he really wants it 🙂 If anybody I choose Rock, because he wants it so badly he is anxious!!! Plus Danny needs to post 😆 Make me *d*

I think were in need of a Tacic Session!!! Why? ACP is in war with Nachos and Nachos know some skilly suff, so we should prepare our Cadets! Information is listed:

When? Tomorrow

Time? Pacific – 4:00 P.M.

Mounatin – 5:00

Central – 6:00

Eastern – 7:00

Where? Snow Fort, Snowforts

Why? Prepare for war!


I Would Like Everyone To Come!!! Comment If You Can & If You Can’t Then Explain Why 🙂 

Grading System/Homework =O

Mchappy: First homework!!! Name 1 person from each Team that got an A+ last month… Good luck 😉

I like are system and all, but I think we could make it more organized plus make it better for us and the students! The way I’m thinking of is the way teachers do at my school 🙂

I think we should have homework!!! Yeah you heard those scary words…! What kind of homework? Well I can tell you it won’t be 2+2=fish (It does equal fish right?!) 😆 I mean different kinds of homework. Thing that cadets have to find on the site, or coming on to chat will be ‘Extra Credit’. Now for the meaning of this post is for te Grading System. It will tie in with the homework. Say Matre makes a post saying: “You need to find a certain page on the ACP Site”. If you would never do the homework you would get a 0 out of 1. If you were excused you would get a E for exempt. If you were not thier, but said you would you would get a M for Missing. If you were out of reach from the internet then you would get a W for Working On.

Now for the homework part 🙄 We could have daily assignments like – Who are we possible going to war with? Things like this that could help them remember for the test at the end of the year!!! If any Cadets comes on chat they would get 1 point of Extra Credit. If we get enough Cadets to come on chat (Were not getting you on…) We would then give some tips. Like what you would say… Notes 😀 I guess you could write it down (I would!) Or you could just remember the things you thought were important. I think this will all help us to get active and help with the Grading System/Cadet Grades! It will take work at the begining and I hope the Cadets this month are up for the challenge!!!

P.S. Meeting…?

New Red Drill Team Leader!

Since Sms3 was previously fired from ACPTR, we are in need of a new Red Drill Team Leader! I know were not adding any new members at the time, but we will DEFITNELY need one soon 🙂 If it’s okay Matre/Motor/Snow ( 😆 ) – I would like to “choose” this person. Why? Because Sms is gone, because of me… So as an apology I would like to pick someone I know who will be active! If this is approved (PLEASE APPROVE!!!) Here are the questions 😉

  1. What’s your CP Username?
  2. What’s your Xat Username?
  3. Why do you want to be a Drill Team Leader?
  4. How will your try to help ACPTR?


Review on Practice Battle/Tactic Session (Which I lead =O)

Not many Cadets showed up… I wouldn’t say it was a fail, but I was excpeting more! We got no pictures (SORRY!!!) – so you’ll just have to try to imangine it 😆


This wasn’t so great (that’s why we changed to a Tactic Session.) It was a tough battle! Rider had to go right before we started, so I lead Team Green and Black. While Snow lead teams Blue and Red. My teams were dressed up as Red via Snows team dressed up as Blue 🙂 It started off with both teams making a line. Red horizanly and Blue vertically. Blue Team had a trouble not standing on each other and Red Team had trouble not bunching up (basically both problems with both teams.) Red started dancing (that’s such like me :lol:) – while Red team charged us with a Puffle bomb. Red countered with Mad Faces. Score: 1 – 1! Read then joked bomb and it was pretty beastliy! Score: Red 2 – 1. Blue started doing Puffles again, but it didn’t affect anything. Red made a line (had trouble with!!! – I suggest we work on lines…) Blue did ANOTHER Puffle bomb!!! Score: 2 – 2. Red counters with a AWESOME bomb covering thier puffles + they stoped their Puffle bomb. Score: Red 3 – 2. Red then does a Joke and Heart bomb ending the battle with a score of: 5 – 2!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL SOLDIERS 😀 Snowballpink: Actually Mchappy, since I was judging it was a tie. Blue team aka my team did affect the majority of your joke bomb. Plus ACP isn’t allowed to use joke bomb anymore so I couldn’t count it. The score was RED: 3 and BLUE 3 so it was a TIE.


I won’t say this even word-for-word… Well maybe 😆 ! We went to the Forts (We were at Snow’s igloo for the battle.) We charged the Clock Tower and Snow thought it was good. We then made a line under the Clock Tower – but it was really croocked (Needs to work on!!!) Then Clover Bombed Snow when she turned red (We made her cry 8) – not really…) Then line across chat bar, and clovers radomliy everywhere. Charged town with a countdown, and shouted ACP FOREVER/ACP ROCKS! In the end we did a ACP bomb (running around.) – and logged off. Snowballpink: YOU MEANIES!

Pretty good day if I do say so my self. Cas if your still reading this look at bottom!!!


Reporter – A+ : Nice job! Just work on your bombs (Spam the bomb over and over again 😉 )

Pete – A

Yoda – A

Zeeco – A

Pebird – A- : You didn’t understand the directions/kept running off. Don’t feel sad, beacuse today was confusing! Keep up the good work 😉


Cas – I feel like some Drill Team Leaders etc. need to be fired. Some arn’t active or loyal like the sa there are 🙂

Other Leader Opinions:


Keep Up The Pace

If someone finds this post, click here and here for reviews.

Let’s start this month out McHaPpY Style 8) …  This will be my first time going to schedule something, AND COME! Hope your ready, because this ride will be bumpy (But fun 😀 ) INFORMATION BELOW!!! –

What? Tactic Session/Recruiting!

When? Saturday, 9th 2010

Times –  1:00 Pacific

2:00 Mountain

3:00 Central

4:00 Eastern

???? U.K. (I think they can make this!!!)

Server? Snow Fort, Forts then moving to Town

Comment if you can or can not make it! Who want to lead (Edit 😛 )

~Mchappy2 or Mchap2

Scheduled Event!!!

Mchappy: Times are changed, so more cadets can come! I don’t think people in the U.K. can make it… So someone else then Twingy might have to lead.

Matre: Sorry Mc,my bad lol. I didnt think it was that maroon. That’s Tylo’s and I havent seen you on chat to tell you 😆 . Oh and Danny,Its Drill Team Leaders job,but if there isnt any by a thursday of a week its in anyone hands to do it.

Mchappy: I did in till someone erased it! This shall be my color 🙂

Danny: I can come and I added PST time to it 😆 (Btw choose a edit color!) and Matre can I still schedule PB’s and Drills Etc.
I’ve been looking around the Site and now that I’m officially in the ACPTR, I thought I would look at the ACPTR History! I was reading through and in Chapter 2 it says:

Chapter 2: Clintos007 and Jedimaster17

Using her powers as an author on the ACP’s main site, Jedimaster17 brought new life to previously inactive ACP boot camp.  Changing its name to the ACPTR (ACP Training Regiment), the team of Jedimaster17 and Clintos007 lead the ACPTR to new heights.  The staff was very active.  Classes were being formed.  And a good amount of people showed up to the first practice battle that they held (which ended up being a recruiting session).  But it wouldn’t last very long.  Even thought they had more and more people wanting to be on the staff and wanting to be cadets, they weren’t getting much done.  The Staff, which had originally been very active, were getting inactive, and Clintos and Jedi weren’t hiring people to replace them.  The classes completely fell apart, and the cadets weren’t very active.  Eventually, Jedimaster17 left the ACPTR and Clintos007 followed afterward.

The part I’m looking at is in red, in bold, and underlined! 😆 Only one thing! I think we should do a recruiting session for ACP to see how well the cadets will recruit. Meaning by – How do they recruit? What expressions do they use? Do they know it doesn’t get filtered (show up)? Will they even show up? And many more… I think this well fall down in my join comment. This is what it asks – Why do you want to be a Drill Team Leader? My response was like this – I want to help out new recruits. Those recruits could be a future ACP Leader, and I want to teach them all the things to take them that far.

To become a ACP Leader (get promotions!). You have to go to scheduled events! Also recruit for the army!! If you see where I’m going great 🙂 I want us to have a Recruiting Session. Information is listed –

Where? Snow Forts, Town

Chat? Click here ! Listening to Mods/Owners!!!

When? Saturday December 19th, 2009

Times? 5:30 MST, 6:30 CST, 7:30 EST – I don’t know the rest, so someone fill it in please 🙂

Leaders? Twingy and Danny – Were suggested!

Comment if your coming;Also comment if I missed your Time Zone!

P.S. Might be made later – due to the fact I have skiing, and it will be around 2:00ish when I come home. I don’t know yet!!!

Glad To Be Here!

Twingy: Welcome Mchappy… the chat is still under construction. Welcome to the team, with more former pwnage team, green team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! etc

Danny: Welcome to the Team Mchappy 😀
After I’ve tried, and tried, and tried I made it. I made it on the team 🙂 This is a important lesson, in a way. In ACP you have to keep trying to reach your goals! If you quit right away you won’t get far. ACP is full of opportunities. By this I mean opportunities to help you in life. How, you may ask? By being more responsible, or becoming more social – that has helped me out. Do what your told, and become a Team Leader! If you can follow these simple and helpful tips, I’m sure you will get far in the Army of Club Penguin. I see lots of up-coming things and I’m looking forward to leading my Green, Mean, Fighting Machines 😆

This is just a suggestion – When Matre modded me a couple minutes  ago ( 😀 ), It seemed like the chat is “not active”. I mean by this saying: No background and no people on the chat, since we only use the chat for Practice Battles/Session/Tactic Session, etc. Well what if we actually got people on xat.com/theacptr we could be a little more active. I check this site when ever I’m on the ACP Site ! – There have been posts in the past saying how we need to be more active. Well I think this will be one of those ways to become more active 🙂

Another quick suggestion – I liked how I named my Team 😆 Maybe we could add Team Names to let the Cadets have more fun?

~My First Post On This Site/Mchappy2