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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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[June 2021] UK/US Opening Ceremony + Tactics Movements and Formations Part 1


Stand to attention, cadets!

Today, the UK/US Cadets attended their first lesson, consisting of basic tactic training and a brief course explanation!

Extra credit has been awarded to ShadowSaint for her performance in this lesson!

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[April 2021] AUSIA Opening Ceremony + Tactics Movements and Formations


Stand to attention, cadets!

Today, the first lesson for the April term of ACPTR took place, where the cadets were shown the basic ropes of both the course and tactics. Extra credit has been given to Roxy and Wassim for excellence this lesson.

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[February 2021] AUSIA Tactics, Formations, and Movements: Part 2

Stand to attention, cadets!

Today, our AUSIA cadets logged on for the second part of the Tactics, Formations, and Movement lessons. They covered more innovative movements and covered the correct event picture taking technique. Extra credit has been awarded to Spotty

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[February 2021] Tactics, Formations and Movements: Part 1

Stand to attention, cadets!

Today, the ACPTR AUSIA cadets logged on to our training server and covered the basic tactics, formations, and movements the Army of CP does every day. We saw 3 cadets joined by 1 previous graduate here today!

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[February 2021] AUSIA History Lesson #1

Salutations, cadets!

Today, the ACP AUSIA cadets delved deep into the start of the Army of CP and Oagalthorp’s leadership! Congratulations to both tea and Caramel on gaining extra credit! Also further congratulations to officer Skylar for getting 2nd place in the Kahoot.

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[October 2020] AUSIA Tactics, Formations and Movements: Part 1

Stand to attention, cadets!

Our AUSIA cadets completed the first of two ‘Tactics, Formations and Movements’ lessons today. The extra credit went to Cubeoid.

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[October 2020] UK/US History Class

Stand to attention, cadets!

Our UK/US cadets had their first History class today, and we focused on the 2006 creation of the Army of CP, as well as Oagalthorp’s leadership through to 2008. We concluded with a Kahoot quiz that Frog, Belencita and Cheetos earned extra credit for.

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UK Unscheduled History Class

Hello, ACPTR. Today, the UK Force had an unscheduled event where we did all about Fort’s leader in ACP and the confusing parts of his retirement. Carry on reading to find out who attended. 

wpid-wp-1436734789940.jpegSuper Edwin – UK Staff

ACP Zoomey – UK Cadet

Capn Ryan – AUSIA Staff

Fluffyboy3 – US Guest

Dwain – UK/US Staff

Skipper – US Staff

Andy – AUSIA Guest

Jimmy – UK Cadet

Comment if you attended.

Super Edwin

ACPTR Leader 💂

Training Session on Monday 7/13/15

As ACP (Army of Club Penguin) continues to grow, we must continue training our troops to be the best. This training will start off with tactics, then formation and finally U-lead. After all that, I figure we could do a Red vs. Green snowball fight! :mrgreen: I hope a lot of you attend this event, and that we do awesome! Comment if you can/cannot come!

Training Session

Server: Breeze

Room: Snow Forts

Date: Monday – July 13, 2015


    :arrow: 11am PST

     :arrow: 12pm MST

  :arrow: 1pm CST

  :arrow: 2pm EST

:arrow: 7pm UK


ACP Basics 9th July 2015

Hello, ACPTR. On Thursday, ACPTR’s UK Force had a lesson on ‘ACP BASICS”‘ where we basically covered the responsibility of members, mods and owners in ACP as well as that we also covered the basics of the Treason Protocol. Read on to find out who attended.

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