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The fact file on formations

Hello ACPTR, today I am going to show you a guide to formations in cp armies and how to form them. A formation is  very important as it can either make us big (by spreading out) or really small (by bunching) also it makes us clearer and easier to see.

Chat bar line

This is a very (very) common formation and this basically involves you creating a line on the chat bar on Club Penguin. Spreading out makes you very big and can start the foundations for a circle. Chat bar lines mainly work at Town however this does not mean they can’t be used in another room.

This is an example of a chat bar line however it's not the best ever example because we are too close together and need to spread apart.

This is an example of a chat bar line however it’s not the best ever example because we are too close together and need to spread apart.

The chat bar line however does have it’s disadvantages, it’s very easy to bomb because there no curve in it which means your tactics can be blocked easily by the bombs. The advantages of this formation is that it’s very simple to make and can be made in about 1 minute.


This can be formed from a chat bar line or made from scratch, when it comes from a chat bar line it is often done because the army is simply too big to fit the chat bar and have to circle the town, this leaves the other army (in a battle situation) stuck because the army who have a circle can now very easily charge at the other army.

If the circle is made from scratch however it can take some time to make everyone fit into the circle and to sort it out, this still has the same advantages of being able to charge to the enemy army because of the fact that by being in a circle you are surrounding them.

A picture of ACP circling Berg.

A picture of ACP circling Berg.

The most common room that circle are used are:

  • Ice berg
  • Town
  • Ice Rink
  • Forts (sometimes)
  • Forest

A circle can work in nearly every single room in Club Penguin  because of the fact you just circle the lay out of the room.

 Horizontal/ line across

A line across is basically just where you make a line across the middle of a room, it has its disadvantages as well as it’s advantages, a line across is quite good in battles because it’s fast to make without confusion  (generally because it is just a chat bar line but in the middle). The disadvantage of this is that you can easily become sitting duck and as with the chat bar if another army bombs you, your tactics can be covered easily.



A picture of ACP doing a horizontal line across Berg.

Twig last event 7


A line across can be used in any room I guess because you just do a line across the whole room.

Diagonal line 

A diagonal line as you may have guessed is a diagonal line..  So the benefits of this is if your army is large you can spread out and stand out in an organised way, it will also make your tactics clearer because you are spread out.   You can also make a x out of diagonal lines so not only is it it’s own formation but it can also be used to make other formations.


ACP’s GMT in a diagonal line.



Another picture of the GMT force in a diagonal line.




A picture of AUSIA in a diagonal line.


Diagonal lines once more can be performed in most rooms most ideally a room where spreading out isn’t a problem like

  • Town
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Ice Berg
  • Ice Rink / Stadium


This formation is called an ‘X’ because it looks like an X when you perform it, to make this formation you have to have enough people to make two diagonal lines. An X is quite useful but hard to make (because obviously you have to get organised enough and that can take some time) it’s useful because it makes you seem very big and takes up a lot of room meaning if you perform it in a battle you will be commanding a lot more space than them.

ACP in a X

ACP in a X



This type of formation is best used in a room with a lot of space and not much obstruction, such as Ice berg.


Vertical line / Line down

A vertical line is a basic formation that can be done very quickly and can be done  in limited space (most of the time depending on what sort of sizes…) like the rest of the formations if you spread out correctly on this formation, the tactics are clear however if you don’t space out  properly you end up sitting on each other… (very awkward indeed). Sometimes the line can overlap and form into a backwards ‘L’ or an ‘L’.

we do e9 all day

21st December 2014 ausia event 2




As well a vertical line can be used with a horizontal line to make a plus.


A plus is made with a line across and a line going down, the shape you get at the end looks like a plus, therefore it is called a plus. A plus can take up a lot of room  or take up a tiny bit of room, depends on how you form it and what your sizes are.



Rooms this looks best in:

  • Berg
  • Ice Rink/ stadium
  • Generally any other big room, sometimes rooms change in parties…

There are loads of other formation that can be created, you can even make your own formation, each formation depends on size and how you arrange yourselves.  Here below are some pictures of epic formations that ACP has made.

acp august 2011

Acp August 2011, why am I just like sitting there… oh cring..

ACP  2012

ACP 2012


So hopefully from this post you have discovered why formations are important, how they can help to win battles (and tournament battles) , how to make them, the main ones, what rooms are best for certain formation , how size determines a formation, how each formation is useful and why we make formations.

This post is part of a series by all ACPTR staff where each week one staff member will do a fact file, hopefully these will teach you about cpa warfare and techniques to make sure you are the best you can be!

That’s it for now 

Super Edwin

ACPTR Leader

A cute picture to celebrate this post long side"

A cute picture to celebrate this post long side!













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