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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Guide to recruiting

Hello ACPTR it’s Super here! As you may or not know we are currently at war with Light Troops which means we need troop to win battles. How do you get recruits? Well you recruit, but the question is how do yo recruit?

Well if you would like to know carry on reading.

First of all, recruiting on Club Penguin there are types of recruiting on Club Penguin that you can do! Auto typing is one of the most effective ones however it does have its side effects plus always remember to use a spare penguin even if your manual or auto typing as there is a risk your main penguin may get banned. So let’s explain manual recruiting in more detail first before I go onto auto typing. 

Manual Recruiting

Manual recruiting is very easy to do and can be very effective however most people don’t recruit this way in  their spare time. This could also be considered the most boring type of recruiting because all you are doing is spamming phrases but personally i like this type of recruiting.

These are some of the phrases you may wish to use next time you go recruiting (manually).

Turn green

Don’t be mean turn green

Protect CP

Acp is Army of cp

Clover power

Be the best

Army of cp

Join Today

Join ACP

Join ACP Today

Obviously you could come up with your own or use safe chat as you can say “internet” on safe chat.

When your recruiting you want to stand out from the crowd but where do you position yourself? Well hopefully these tips and pictures shall help you out with where you want to stand.

  1.  Don’t stand in the spot that everyone loads on because you will not been seen.
  2. Again don’t hang around with crowds of people who aren’t ACP you will not be seen as well.
  3. Make sure that if your recruiting with more than one person that you got into a spot where a  line could be formed however if you scatter you do not have to use this tip.
  4. Try to say the important stuff in capital letters. If you just say everything in capital letters no one will be bothered or they will lose interest make sure that the important parts are in capital letters.
  5. Have fun!
If you want to pick a spot where you really stand out.

If you want to pick a spot where you really stand out.

Like i said don't go into the spot where everyone loads because you can't be seen.

Like i said don’t go into the spot where everyone loads because you can’t be seen. Also I should be using another penguin but i’m not.

picture for acptr post 3

Like above. Don’t get into crowded spots.

As you can see i have circled all penguins. Try to aim for not going where there is a lot of penguins plus if the room is too cluttered move into another room!

As you can see i have circled all penguins. Try to aim for not going where there is a lot of penguins plus if the room is too cluttered move into another room!

This sort of recruiting gets a lot of rogues so you might want to use this to recruit on the server of an event!


Auto typing is an effective way to recruit it’s also one of the most handy ones there is because you can go off and do homework or chores but still be  recruiting for ACP. First of all you need to download an auto type! After downloading an auto typer and once you have the lines to auto type your all done. Remember never use your own penguin always use a spare penguin because auto typing gets you banned quite quickly.

If you are unsure how to use an auto typer ask an owner or mod how to use an auto typer. They will explain how to use one and you will soon be getting recruits to join ACP!


Chat recruiting!

Chat recruiting is often forgotten about however it is one of the most  easiest way to explain to recruits what to do when you arrive at ACP and what ACP is. There are always a threat of ban and kick from mods and owners who don’t like recruiting. Also some people reply abusive to recruiters.

List of chats you can use to recruit on:

You can use your own type of method for chat recruiting but here is my method which actually works quite well

  1. Always greet the person with a friendly hello  or hi followed with a smile.
  2. Ask the person if they play Club Penguin if the response is no then be polite and go “thanks for your time” or something like that.
  3.  If they say yes go on to ask them if they want to be in a special group of people who go on Club Penguin
  4.  If they say no, do part two and say thank you etc.
  5. If they say yes, link them to ACP and you might want to explain how all this works.
  6. When they come onto ACP chat just remember to be kind to them and explain all the rules to the chat

Like I said you do not have to use this method, it’s just the method I like to use method as it works best for me.

So that is all the basics to recruiting, I hope you enjoyed this post because I certainly enjoyed making this post! 😀

To cadets: This is the chance where you can earn extra credits! You do not have to do this home work however I do recommend doing home work as it will help you to be a better student.

HW : To choose which recruiting method do you think benefits  ACP the  most and why.

How to get it to us: Seeing  as the ACPTR email is not working because someone changed pass. You can either comment on this post with an answer , email me at my cp army email which is acpmpghollymanurock@hotmail.com or pc a member of staff on chat.

That’s all ACPTR





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