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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Executive Order 13603

I 12Declan12 agree with the decision here of the ACPTR Defense Protocol , just so there is no confusion that people think slider is the only one doing this, he is not. This decree is in effect and I would like to ask so that we can make this official and show it is not one sided that all current ACPTR Advisers sign the bottom of this post  to show that they acknowledge, approve and understand the ACPTR Defense Protocol ASAP. 

After reading all the comments on Declan’s latest post and having the authority to do so I think its about time the ACPTR leadership has some protection against being thrown out or outdone by an outside authority.

Executive order 13603: ACPTR Defense Protocol

With the power vested in me I Slider568 ACPTR CEO put forth this decree effective immediately. Under no circumstance may any ACP leader or ACP owner appoint themselves ACPTR leader or be appointed ACPTR leader by any other ACP leader. No ACP leader may lead ACPTR while still leading ACP.

No ACP leader may appoint their own leadership for ACPTR or remove any leader, advisor, or CEO unless under these circumstances:

  1. An ACPTR leader goes corrupt. In this case its up to the ACPTR advisory and leadership to take care of them. If the ACP leadership sees them corrupt but ACPTR does not they will not be removed.
  2. An ACPTR leader goes inactive for a long period of time. In this case the CEO may appoint a new leader or in absence of the CEO the advisory may appoint a new leader. If no new leader is appointed the Co-leaders may decide upon themselves.
  3. If the entire ACPTR leadership (staff) go inactive the CEO and advisory have just cause to act. If no one acts the ACP Leadership may appoint a new leader under the owner line but no new advisors/CEOs.

No ACP or ACPTR leader may remove any CEOs or ACPTR advisors. Advisors and CEOs do not have an activity standard and are here for ACPTR when they can be and are the Shabs and Boomers of ACPTR. I don’t see the need for any rules for the CEOs/Advisors as none have been needed in the past. Nothing is to change.

ACPTR’s purpose may not be shifted. No ACP or ACPTR leader can shift its cause set in motion by Omega in 2008.

Treason against ACP is not treason against ACPTR unless hacking is involved. Treason against ACPTR is measured by the CEO and advisors.

Any CEO or advisor asked to step down by both the ACPTR leader, Declan, and accompanied by active advisors is automatically relieved of position.

I think its ridiculous and disgraceful Flipmoo wants to take control of ACPTR for himself and upon the decision of Declan site owner and advisor and myself he will not be appointed leader and ACPTR remains in Aeropos’ hands only. Its ridiculous we even needed this but I feel enough is enough.

I Declare that I have read fully, understood, acknowledged and approve the ACPTR Defence Protocol


– Slider568


4 Responses

  1. With all respect, I’d like to point out that essentially this post makes ACPTR a completely independent division that functions outside the chain of command of the ACP. What you’ve done is to ensure that ACP leaders will never be able to control ACPTR, and it must be remembered that ACPTR IS a regiment under the ACP command, not its own army. To remove any leader influence and making ACPTR the CEO’s private fiefdom is illogical and unreasonable. The leader wields executive power over the whole army, and as such should be able to make changes to ACPTR as needed. For all intents and purposes, ACPTR is part of the ACP and thus falls under that power. This post seems like a desperate attempt to save your own power- which no one said was going to be taken away, even Aeropos wasn’t to be removed- and to cling to tradition forever.

    • I don’t agree with this, ACPTR is not an independent division, we ask for troops from ACP to join ACPTR so that they can develop there understanding of ACP in many ways by going to classes such as tactic classes to learn the basic ACP commands, Recruiting sessions to show you the best way and the most efficient way to recruit people, U Lead session giving people who may have only just joined the chance to lead a few other people, which would mean a lot to them and then from there we can give them advice on how to be better, history classes to teach them an overview of the important parts of history in ACP and the ACPTR, Practice battles etc.
      what you must understand is that ACPTR has there own chain of command as well so that we can keep retain order.
      ACP leaders should not have to control ACPTR, as the ACPTR leader should and will handle the training regiment by themselves with the help of co leaders, teachers, advisers and of course the CEO. Besides it is normally someone who is around 4ic or 5ic that will run ACPTR because then when they become 3ic they will have the skills in order to lead ACP in an event after leading a small group of people.Also I would like to point out that although i agree with your statement of ACPTR being a training regiment of ACP we have been considered as our own army and in many cases when we are being attacked twice at the same time on different servers it has sometimes been that before in the past ACPTR would defend one server and patrol it scouting for anyone who is invading whilst ACP defends the other server.
      Also the CEO, Slider is here to keep ACPTR running smoothly and he has done so, time after time he has brought his place back up from the ground, maybe you should check your history of ACPTR and see that he has also received the Medal Of Training which is only awarded to those who show exceptional dedication to ACPTR, which he has done time and time again, he is not here as a leader which is why if you check on the staff page his position is not put above ACPTR leader, he is here as one of the main advisers and more importantly I give him permission under only extreme circumstances where ACPTR is or has fallen to take control of ACPTR as he is one of only very few people in this army that i know i can 100% trust to do the right thing. to end on this part of what you put i would like you to take a look at this post that i put on ACPTR a while back, https://armyofcptrainingregiment.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/slider568/
      you put “it seems like a desperate attempt to save our own power”, no wrong. we are trying to keep ACPTR the way it should be kept as set out by previous leaders and owners of ACPTR to keep the tradition of ACPTR forever going for as long as we remain here and hopefully after we depart for the last time the ACPTR tradition will be kept. whilst in ACPTR we have our own chain of command which goes ACPTR Leader, ACPTR Co Leader, ACPTR Drill Team Instructors, ACPTR Instructors, ACPTR Chief Executive Officer and finally the advisers. everyone who joins ACPTR starts of as an ACPTR Instructor or Teacher as it were before in the past and they can get promoted which is what everyone who joins ACPTR looks excited to, as i know i did when i was a teacher. so you can see that if a leader from ACP took control and appointed themselves Leader of ACPTR then it breaks our chain of command and the other staff of ACPTR who may have been here for a long time would find it unfair that they would have worked hard to get noticed by training the troops of ACP only for someone else to come along and immediately take control. that would be like me saying im going to join ACP as im owner of this site so it gives me power to be owner on the ACP site, well no it does not, that is something i would never do or ask for as me being owner of the ACP site is not needed.
      I hope this answers your question, sorry this is so long but you have to understand how we feel


      • This doesn’t ensure our power it ensures that no ACPTR leader, advisor, ACP leader, or CEO can take advantage of ACPTR or anyone associated with it for no good reason.

        If Aeropos or Declan asked for me to resign I’d go right ahead and that stands for any other advisor so don’t tell me I did this for myself. Splasher you’ve never once been part of ACPTR and you still think its your place to say something about us.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s my place to be commenting here, but I’m going to do it anyway. After coming back from my retirement in 2012, I’ve been catching up with what direction ACPTR is heading. I know that when I was leader for a short time and was involved in the ACPTR, the main problem was that our ties with ACP were not strong enough. We were lucky if we got the monthly post on their site inviting recruits to enroll here. Now it seems like the ACP is doing the complete opposite, except it’s still, what I think we can all say, unbalanced between how much power each side should have. It is true that if we do not accept that we are a branch of the Army of Club Penguin then we can consider ourselves a whole other being. However, like Dec said, ACPTR is not only a huge opportunity for the cadets, but is also a vital essence in finding true leaders for the ACP. By being able to give soldiers a chance to slowly mature into better leaders through becoming instructors and leaders at ACPTR, we are also helping ACP find the new generation of leaders for the main army. I know that I, personally, was so excited to become an instructor and later become leader that I couldn’t stand it. I would come to chat everyday and give it my best. So, if the leaders of ACP try and come in to take away this experience to people, than they are hurting themselves and others. Most likely they were given the same opportunity, and now they are the leader of an even greater force.

    More specifically, I’m extremely happy that Dec and Slider have come up with this rule. It seems to me that it is a very necessary acton to be made, although sad that it had to be done in the first place. I’ve known Slider for a long time now, and whether he remembers me or not, I know that he would never do this to keep his “power”. I may be wrong, but it would seem to me that Slider could care less about being in charge and loves to help the ACP and the ACPTR in times of need. I’m extremely happy that something was done before it was too late.

    P.S. I’m coming back to the staff! 😮

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