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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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The Real End of the Line

Hello ACPTR!

So I want to make this short. Yes this is my final resignation in ACPTR. I’ve lead ACPTR so many times that it doesn’t seem realistic to me that it was ever possible but I did. I think I did a good job and for what its worth of proud of everyone who’s had a hand in ACPTR up to now.

I retired from ACP about two months ago for the last time and now I make my final stop to say goodbye to ACPTR as well. I will remain admin, and head advisor aka CEO and I’ll try not to meddle with anything that goes on in ACPTR with its new leaders. Twingy is gone so I’ll be your new Twingy. I’ll remain admin on the site and main owner on the chat. For the password I’ll give it to Aero when I see you next but don’t change it or reset chat because theres really no need.

As for whos to lead ACPTR next I don’t see anyone else capable and few even here that could/would lead ACPTR so I’m leaving it to Aeropos. Hes by far the most active and by far the best instructor in ACPTR for quite a while and I trust he’ll give ACPTR  a better future. I lack the motivation to go on in CP armies and it feels good to finally once and for all cut off the last commitments and move on.

I wish you the best of luck and I’ve also employed Kenneth ACP retired leader to assist. Its up to Aeropos if he wants him to lead ACPTR with him or be a Co-leader, instructor, or anything else. My final thanks would have to go out to Skloop – who was an instructor when I went through ACPTR, who hired me into ACPTR, and who I became good friends with and motivated me to pursue what I did in ACP.

For the final time as your leader,

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  1. I will do my best!

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