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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Staff Guide

Since ACPTR is officially opening this Friday and people start joining May 1st I think I need to make sure the staff know what they’re doing. If you’re a staff member read this, if you see a staff member on ACP chat point them to this post and if you have any questions make a comment or edit at the top of the post. Even if we talked before I want you to read this post if I missed anything.

Teaching a Class: When you teach a class you should first at the beginning talk for example if its a history class and the first one of the month talk about Oagalthorp and the Romans and maybe cover the color wars. That should take up most of your time so go into a bit of detail. After that for the last 10 minutes or so just do a trivia round for fun about the stuff you covered and maybe of stuff that will come at the next history class. My point being don’t cover everything you can about ACP at one class. Whatever the class go into detail instead of covering everything so theres more to teach.

Answer questions at the end and tell everyone to hold their questions to the end unless they can’t wait. If you want before each class you’re going to teac

After every class you teach you should make a post right after. Take a picture of the sidebar on the chat and just give an overview. Heres what I’d recommend.

  1. Picture of the chat sidebar at the top of everyone who came
  2. Read more under the picture
  3. 1 paragraph at the top keep it small
  4. 1 picture of chat while you’ve been teaching or a picture of everyone on CP if it was a tactic session or something
  5. 1 paragraph at the end wrapping everything up. Praise cadets who showed but and tell them they each received one medal

You can give out 2 medals to one cadet every class who stuck out and did the best/tried their best out of everyone. After that go to the cadets page (this is where that picture of the sidebar helps) and add one medal to everyone who came at the side of their name and thats it.

Join Page: Just like being an owner if ACP you’re going to have a day to do the join page. You’re expected to do it. Go to the join page and add anyone whos commented and hasnt been added to the cadets page to it. Make a comment at the end saying the join page has been done up to here so the next guy tomorrow knows where to start.

If you don’t do your join page consistently you’ll be fired but if you miss a day sometimes but not often thats fine too. Put your join page day at the bottom here. First come first serve.

  • Monday: Amax1
  • Tuesday: Cheedu1
  • Wednesday: Sonic
  • Thursday: Dw2608
  • Friday: Aeropos
  • Saturday: Slider568
  • Sunday: Ajman9011

Editing Pages: I ask that you don’t edit pages like the history page or any pages you shouldn’t. The staff page you can edit where you’re supposed to, it says so.

Posting: If you want you can make on-site lessons in a post. This should go into detail and be at least 300+ words long. If you haven’t been able to make classes its a great way to make up for it just don’t sticky them. Also, its no way to just get out of teaching cadets but its something extra you can do.

If you find yourself not being able to attend classes I or other people make you can make your own classes and post them on the site. By all means that helps me more. If you want to make your own classes anyways feel free to do so even if there isnt a reason. I won’t be teaching most of the classes I’ll be there to help out and the DT leaders and instructors will be mostly teaching. We don’t want all these people at once teaching so at the start of class just pick someone to teach. If you’re there and not teaching help out any way you can.

Other Responsibilities: As you can imagine cadets are going to need extra help. They’ll probably have questions about ACP and what to do often and if someone comes up to you in chat and asks for your help be nice and help them any way you can. If anything it’ll probably be one of the major reasons they stay in ACP because they know theres a mod looking out for them and someone to talk to. If you refuse to help someone just because – you’re going to get fired when it comes to me.

Co-Leaders: The co-leaders are your bosses too. They can have you do something and you go do it. Unless you have very good reason to fire someone (to the co-leaders) don’t do it without asking me first. Anything I can’t do I expect you guys to step up to the plate because you’re admins too.

If for some reason you’re a staff member and not an editor comment on this post. If you’re a co-leader and not an admin – well thats on purpose but comment anyways because it won’t help if you don’t. If you want to join PC a co-leader or myself. I want everyone to read this post whos a a staff member so spread it out there and make sure everyone reads it. As staff members you’re a team so help each other out.

5 Responses

  1. I can’t find you Slider, but anyway no Ausia instructor or you can’t find one?

  2. I wanna join as an Ausia instructor. Hope you agree with it. And Dw, hope you accept my request too. 🙂

  3. Slider I will take tuesday btw its steam

  4. I dont have edit 🙂

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