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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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2/17/14 Class Results

Hello ACPTR cadets! Today we had an awesome ACPTR class today, with one of our best attendances this month 🙂 ! I hope that we can keep this up. Here are the results of today’s class.

We started off with a U-Lead, then we learned about how to act on chat and learned what to do for “modern day” patrolling.

Great job today to all the cadets who came. The following cadets receive 2 medals: RockyIceMan, SonicBoom, JesseRocket, Money_guy, Jfitz, ypoua, and liamrocks. Aeropos receives 1 medal.

2 Responses

  1. I receive one medal XD lol I was late

  2. Makeup Essay

    Acp has gone a long way and really changed over the years. I have, as a soldier, seen new leaderships and ways to keep ourselves in the top 3 spot. For example, the new Triumvirate leadership that we are going to be using. Also I remember that back in 09′(When I joined) ACP was not doing well, then Boomer 20 came and changed how I saw ACP, Which led us to a golden age. Later in 12′ we took another plunge and came back with new leaderships and ways to bring us where we are now in the 13′ and the new years. This has made us more organized and much more easier to keep track of events.

    Of course when Acptr was made back in 08′ it changed ACP’s soldiers knowledge and experience. Since then they helped the new soldiers become the best soldiers they could be and possible future leaders of ACP. Did I also mention Acprf? If it weren’t for them then ACP would be a small army. They changed the way we see recruting but we don’t know much that is (Top Secret)…

    Anyways, I have just mentioned a few things that have and will change how we see ACP. From recruting and training, we will always need a little bit of change to take ACP to newer and awesomer levels!

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