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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Enough ACPTR for one lifetime

I think I’m done

My ACPTR History

I joined ACP in around April 2009. I also signed up for ACPTR, but back then I was inactive, and only made one event where I announced i was leaving ACPTR. I was jestingly given an F———-. I gradually rose the ACP ranks and was desperate to join ACPTR due to my friend Wolvetone being in it. Paradoxically, I ended up replacing Wolvetone when she vanished. I was hired by Matre with Danny 9632 and we quickly became co-leaders under Snowballpink, I was co-leader for around 6 months. I became leader when Snowballpink retired.

My 2 and a half months were successful. I retired from all armies on October 31st 2010. Eventually, I returned, and became superintendent, and have assisted the ACPTR since then. At some point down the line, I also got a Medal of Training.

Why I’m leaving

  • I feel too old
  • I have absolutely no interest in CP anymore, or teaching, so I’m no real use at events
  • I’ve become lethargic and uninterested in ACPTR, which means I can’t really do the best job
  • I’m tired of being the go-to-guy for ACPTR problems – I’ve been here a while and I think it’s time for others to take the reigns


Keep doing what you’re doing – and what we’ve always done. It hasn’t totally failed and died yet, so why should it?

In terms of superintendent, and the whole EEEEEEEEEEEEC thing, (literally nobody will know what that means including myself) I would rather there wasn’t one because I got annoyed by outside influence when I was in ACPTR (then became a massive hypocrite for 2 years, though people seemed to not despise my company so I probably did OK). However, if it becomes an outside power struggle and you want to choose a particular retiree who will do the job and help make major decisions/watch over ACPTR, and that works better, go for it.

Naturally, someone in that kind of role will rise without any official appointing. Be reasonable. If I was going to make a prediction as to who it would be, at the moment I’d say probably Slider, although Purp or Superoo could rise up. It’s a sometimes repetitive but worthwhile position, and I’m glad so many ex-staff like to help ACPTR after they go.

Oh, and remember the eternal excuse. If the ACP is small, then the ACPTR will probably be as well. Don’t worry. Struggle through. You’ve done good.

Thank yous

These are ACPTR related thank yous. I probably like some people more and dislike some people more than  the standard of mention they get on the post, but it’s purely ACPTR related.

Wolvetone – One of my great friends back in the day, inspired me to work in ACPTR.

Tylo – Eternally helpful, and I always tried to be like you as superintendent.

Snowballpink – Another great friend. Danny, you and I made a good team – it was a shame you got inactive. You were brilliant for a couple of months.

Purp – You’re probably the future of ACP and ACPTR. No pressure. An excellent ACPTR helper, probably one of the top few I’ve ever found. Try not to let recruiting kill you.

Superoo – A good friend. You should really give ACPTR another shot.

Matre – Probably the biggest thank you goes to you. Thank you for hiring me when I was pretty nooby, putting up with me when I made constantly irritating edits (trust me, I physically cringe when I look back), for giving me responsibility and promotions in ACP (and accepting my rather unique rejection of 3ic), putting up with me even more when I was experienced and being a great friend. Cheers


  • Danny9632
  • 12Declan12
  • Omega39
  • Tes7
  • Rider4429
  • Mchappy
  • Jack
  • Slider
  • Superoo
  • Epicorange
  • Antant
  • CG2916
  • Sklooperis
  • Lots of people involved in ACPTR who I wasn’t particularly close to during my times in ACPTR, weren’t in ACPTR during my times or I simply forgot (sorry)


Many people doubt the ACPTR’s system and results. Even I, who’s been involved in it for probably about 2 and a half years in total, nowadays regularly doubt it. I’m certainly not sure that ACPTR exactly teaches – hard facts, tactics – that you wouldn’t pick up elsewhere. But the great two things I think it really does is for one, give new recruits a place in the ACP. In an increasingly older ACP, this is important particularly for younger, new-to-armies recruits. Weirdly, I notice a trend where a reasonable amount of high grade, ACPTR graduates (I’d say about 25-50% of A-A+ graduates) leave ACP within about 3 months of graduating with flying colours having previously attended every event. I think this proves that ACPTR really is great for new recruits because they absolutely love ACPTR (some even want to rejoin). It gives them a place in the army where they are respected and listened to when maybe elsewhere they aren’t.

And also, with a reason that’s close to me, I honestly believe my ACP career wouldn’t have been half as long or enjoyable if I hadn’t had ACPTR. ACPTR really gives a great thing to do to people who aren’t great small army builders or aren’t insanely active that they get very quickly promoted, particularly in the middle of their careers. The same probably goes for many people involved, and one of the great things about ACPTR is that for those that are good at it and enjoy it, it’s great for staff. Obviously my time in ACPTR won’t make any difference to the grand scheme of the earth, nor when I look back on my deathbed will it be among any of the defining moments that made me where I will hypothetically be, but it kept me occupied, and kept me happy. I loved ACPTR.

I still do. But, I am tired, really tired, of helping. I think this is the right time to pass on the reigns. I think I’ve done enough for one lifetime. I’m open to giving advice but don’t ask me for permission, don’t ask me to attend classes, or meetings, to make decisions and be liable for them, to return (no guilt trips either please), to fight your cause, or to do anything. I’d ask you to attempt to do your best to respect this, because, for me, I have to make this separation. Being as humble as possible, I think 2 and a half years is a good long time (and I’ve done a good job) and I think it’s time for others to step in, as you already are. I still own chat so I’ll update the pass on that for as long as is neccesary (or until I forget) but I don’t need admin or main (I’d rather not have them actually, so remove me). The most I’ll ever do is update the history or give out MOTs, though I don’t even need editor realistically.

There we have it.

Keep turning recruits into soldiers. Keep doing what you’re doing.

ACPTR was the most important part of my army career, and I care about it a lot. Whether it lasts for another year or another 10 or another 100 I’ll know I’ve done my bit, and it’s been great.

Thank you, ACPTR.


8 Responses

  1. Twingy I would personally like to thank you for your service in ACPTR, considering you were suppose to be an advisor I feel that you have been the main person leading ACPTR and I thank you for keeping ACPTR going, without you this website probably would have been shut down ages ago.
    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do with your life and I hope that you live a happy one, it will be sad to see you leave but we all have to move on at some points in our life where we leave the past behind us with a million memories to last a lifetime where we live through the present and enjoy life and where we brace for the future and prepare for what your destiny holds.
    Farewell Twingy, it’s been an honor.

  2. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo twingy

  3. Thank you for your services in ACPTR Twingy,and good luck in life.

  4. Well I have to say I was surprised when you told me you were finished on chat. When I first joined ACPTR you were my inspiration. I wanted to be like you. With all that respect, glory, and success in ACPTR.

    Although my respect is stretched thinly through a small group of people and rests more with the people who are long gone I always felt I could’ve saved ACPTR and made it as good as you had.

    I can’t say I’ve made ACPTR flourish and I was surprised when I was awarded a MOT which hadn’t been given out for some time until my retirement.

    I want so badly to make ACPTR a place that it hasn’t been in so long but I fear the time on my hands isn’t enough and I’m trying to rely on my staff who I have no idea on their activeness or how they work.

    I loved ACPTR with a passion and always looked up to you as a role model. When I was new to ACP and finally came out of just being a rouge, when I joined ACPTR the first thing I did was take a look at the history.

    I was amazed by all the great stories and saw these stories outlining a highly regarded person who I wanted to be like. After I’ve gotten to make my mark on ACPTR I feel it’s never going to be like your’s or others in terms of worth.

    I look back on ACP’s history and think we must be doing something so differently that it’s just not going to hold the worth that it should if people from the ACP’s and ACPTR’s past were the ones today who were leading.

    I can say I’m saddened to see you leaving and it was nice to know this guy who I looked up to as a little newbie. I fully understand why you’re leaving and it’s for the same after this leadership I’ll probably make my appearances more scarce and come and go giving advice as I please.

    This comment got ridiculously long but I guess to sum it all up I wish you the best of luck in life and hope you look back on the time spent here and never regret it. I know I don’t. Good luck in life bud and now that this weight is lifted off your shoulders I think it’ll make life a lot better and more stress free for you because we all know how stressful just life can be.

  5. Wow, another quite unexpected retirement! Twing, you have been an awesome person ever since I started seeing you on ACP chat a lot and when I joined ACPTR. You helped ACPTR and you helped me a lot and I appreciate it so much! Bye, Twing and good luck in life. I’ll miss ya D:

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