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Hershay Retirement From CP Armies.

Wow.. I’m  surprised I’m doing this but I feel I should.  Let’s be honest, CP armies are a snooze lul.   As Grade 9 High School approaches,  getting bus loads of Homework,  I don’t think I do both School and CP armies.   It’s been a great time in CP armies,  meeting a lot of friends and enemies.   As September rolls in, the boat to retired island slowly makes it’s way to the Breeze docks.    Now let me tell you a little bit about my history.

Yes.. My first army was the very army I’m retiring from now, the ACP.   I joined in 2011 under Kenneth.   I didn’t get a spark for CP armies as did when I came back.   Even though ACP was my first army, there is one other army that was by far my favourite, Hot Sauce Army.  I learned and did so much in HSA.  True, I was the quiet 2ic who never said anything but I always did what I was supposed to do.   I did help recruit sometimes and did lead events,  believe me, I had a lot of fun.  But I sound like an old person how I’m saying this lol. 

I joined back ACP under Funks as a high member, it was a lower rank then I expected but I was willing to earn it and I did .  I went up the ranks one month at a time. I remember the ACP vs Nachos war, the ACP took a huge fall.  The US division was getting 10+.  We took a huge defeat and surrendered to the Nachos and Funks was forced to retire from ACP.  I eventually made it to 4ic under Mchappy.  I won’t forget the feeling of when  4ic, I was exited knowing  I was so close to 3ic and being able to reach my goal.  

When I joined back ACP,  I also got asked by Orange to join ACPTR.  I loved the idea and I found ACPTR a lot of fun.  I loved ACPTR,  I loved leading events,  teaching history, trivia.  I got to meet so many ACP troops this way and got work to work with many amazing people.   An amazing moment was when the old US Co-leader was retiring from ACPTR.   The night I got a  private chat from Orange saying “Are you ready for this?”  I decided to take the job as US co-leader. 

After Mchappy retired,  ACP had a new 4ic rank. Since I was active,  I came to mostly all the events and was only in ACP,  I was very sure I would get the new 4ic rank.  But Cas and Tori Vega demotes me to 5ic.  Loyalty really doesn’t really matter I guess , ACP is all about popularity now lul.   I was very upset and disappointed, but I was loyal to ACP which why I stayed and tried to brush it off.   I knew that my chances of getting 3ic was 0 now.  Thanks to Sikowiz for not helping me either, you are truly the best <3. 

Also At the time, Maxy an ACP 4ic was planning his retirement from ACP and his position as UK Co-leader.  Orange and I decided to promote Slime to Co-leader.   Believe me, she was a great Co-leader, easy to be around,  get along with and very hard working.  Once June ended, Orange became very inactive, but ACPTR still continued.  Slime and I lead for the whole summer and we did an amazing job of things.   July as an amazing month for ACPTR, many many graduates and great good events.   Believe me, I worked hard in July. 

August was a very hard month for ACPTR,  we took a bit of a fall.  Slime was leaving for half the month and Orange was still inactive. I had to handle everything all on my own.  Let me tell you, was it ever hard.   UK and AUS classes were a huge problem.   Being that I’m not AUS or UK, it was harder to make those classes.  It improved at the last part of the month, but still had an amazing summer and it was a pleasure to lead ACPTR with Slime during the summer.  

Really, I would have retired a while ago but there was only one reason I stayed and that was ACPTR.  The US classes and things fall without me, if I retired during the summer ACPTR would fall.  But I’m glad I stayed longer then I was going to.  It was a lot of fun and I’m always going to remember this time.  I know ACPTR and ACP are doing well now so I’m very sure I can retire knowing that ACPTR will continue to do well even if I’m not here. The new ACPTR leader will not be my decision.  I will leave that up to Twingy.   I don’t want to mention every single person but I’m only mention people in ACP. 




Ken/Splasher:  You were one of my good friends in ACP,  you always kept the chat alive,  I always had fun talking to you. 😉 

Dw:  You would always greet me when I came online,  you are always so positive and a great role model for the troops,  it was really nice meeting you. 

Orange:  What we had in common I guess was that we both the quiet ones in the chat. Thanks for really giving me that chance in ACPTR,  good luck getting 3ic. To me, out of all the US mods, you deserve it the most.  

Fluffyboy3: Fluffy, thanks for really helping ACPTR when Slime and Orange were away. You especially helped during UK classes,  don’t let ACPTR fall, you will make a great director someday. 😉

Slime: I had a blast running ACPTR with you during the summer. I really saw us as ACPTR leaders for the summer,  you are an amazing Co-leader and I wish you the best success in ACP.  

Mchappy:  Mchappy, thanks for much for helping me out all those times.   Also, big thanks on showing me Tumblr.  It was a pleasure serving under you for your short time as leader.  Still talk. 😉

Sercan:  Wow, you are really an amazing 3ic, you may not have been in ACP as long as others but you really deserved that rank.  You are a very hard working 3ic as well.  It was really fun talking to you as well,  good luck in ACP! 😀 

Flipmoo:  What I liked about you is that you would always gives me shots like if a Aus mod or an owner could not make an event,  you would let me lead the events.  I had a lot of fun, thank you.  We were friends before I joined ACP but I’m sure we will still be friends.  

Rin:  You were not known much in ACP and you can be VERY inactive but I always liked talking to you.   Thanks for being such a great friend 😉



If you were not mentioned, don’t feel bad.  I was feeling sick while I was making post and really not feeling well.   Or course I could have hardly known you or hated you but whatever.   Who says I’m retiring forever?  I may come back to ACP during the summer or during a break ;).   The boat to retired island is here,  thanks to everyone who have helped me out along the way.   Goodbye ACP For Now!

Hershay Name Plate 1)






2 Responses

  1. Aw, bai Japan. You’ve been an amazing leader and I really expected a good future for ya! I’ll miss you and good luck in secondary school!

  2. You were a great troop and you will be missed…

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