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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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UK History Lesson Results!

Our chat size around the middle of the event

Hai, Purp here! At 7:30pm UK, ACPTR had a History lesson. It went out quite good- 3 cadets came and a lot of teachers came too! We taught about Flen’s leadership and what happened to ACP during 2011. Flipper7706 also came and talked a little bit about himself leading with Kenneth during that time. Overall, it was good and every cadet who came gets 1 medal each. 😀

Let’s see who came..

Teachers: Me, Fluffyboy, Sonic, Rock71 a bit, Slippykicky a bit, Twingy a bit

Cadets: Luckandy, King mondo, Tuner777

Visitors: Flipper7706

Thanks cadets for attending and good job to the teachers! I hope more events will be like this!

~ Purp

5 Responses

  1. Yesssssssssss and I couldn’t come cause I had to do yard work. Thank god that’s done.

  2. I came for most of it, not the VERY beginining but i was there!

  3. p.s. FIRST, no one called it 🙂

  4. I came. :d

  5. srry tht me and my brother couldnt make it we have 1 computor now

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