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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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ACP Leaders History: Bobcatboy10

Today I had the pleasure of meeting an old leader of ACP,  He is very positive and full of excitement.   As said in the title, this leader is Bobcatboy10.   Bobcatboy became ACP leader on September, 4th, 2010 made leader by Matre10 and joined ACP in May 2008.  Bobcatboy was made leader at rough time since Matre was retiring at the end of Summer. School was starting which made it hard for Bobcatboy to keep ACP high, but  he still kept the ACP in first even though it was a tough time to start as leader.

Bobcatboy joined CP armies in the summer of 2007 in an army called the vikings.   The Vikings were not basically an army,  there were Viking clans which Bobcatboy followed them.  Finally one of the leaders made a site of the Vikings.   Bobcatboy spent a very large amount of time in the Vikings.  He spent more then over a year in the Vikings.  Which he eventually earned leader.  During those times it was easy to recruit so it became a strong army at some points but to the other organized armies,  it was small.

Bobcatboy second army was the Golds,  which he ranked up to Leader once again like Vikings. At the time he was left with another leader named Orgulan.  The army was almost dead when he got leader, the army went slowly inactive and it died. After Golds death  Fort57 helped Bobcatboy into the ACP and made it his fourth army.  Even though Bobcatboy doesn’t see the Golds as a bit part of his history,  but it was one of his first armies.

During 2008,  Bobcatboy created an army called the Ice Vikings with a friend he knew in real life called Bottlefanta.  Together they created the Ice Vikings.  Bobcatboy thought at first that the army was not going to do as great as they have but boy they proved him wrong!  The Ice Vikings turned to be a very popular army which lasted for a very long time.  In 2012, the army slowly went inactive and died in September of 2012.  Bobcatboy gives Bottlefanta most the credit for Ice Vikings.

After serving two years in ACP,  Bobcatboy retired and made Mchappy the next ACP leader.  Botcatboy spent four years in CP armies and has been in four armies in total.  Bobcatboy during his time as leader in ACP did an amazing job and  making ACP first on the top 10 numerous times.  I was glad I had the time to talk with Bobcatboy  and learn all about his amazing history.

What is YOUR Legacy?

What is YOUR Legacy?


– Japan ACPTR US Co-leader



7 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. Very good post. Detailed and informative. Wish I could have met him.

  3. 1.) Why did the Ice Vikings Fall?

    2.) Why were the Ice Vikings Amazing?

    3.) Did Bobcat usher in the Viking hype into armies or was he just part of the movement?

    4.) Has anyone tried to restart Ice Vikings?

    5.) What did Bobcat do during his leadership to improve the ACP that was different from other leaders before him?

    6.) What was the relationship with Matre10 and Bobcat?

    7.) Why did Matre10 choose Bobby?

    8.) How did he keep ACP first during the school year?

    9.) Could the possible troop fluctuation during the school year have contributed in the ACP getting first many times simply by Bobby being able to keep it stable while recruiting when having time?

    10.) Why did Bobcat choose Mch as the next leader? Was it rank determination or his choice?

    • this is why I love this dude! He’s soo curios

    • Well #10 isn’t too hard. Bobcat had PC troubles in late 2010, so he promoted Mch to temporary leader. Upon Bob’s return, he saw that Mch was doing a much better job w/ the army than himself, so he permanently promoted Mch to leader and demoted himself to 2ic.

    • Howdy Zac Foxx, whether you ever see this or not I’d like to answer those questions 2 years later.

      1.) The Ice Vikings fell the first time due to a lack of recruiting and school starting. So Bottlefanta and I did not support the army through those times. Then Bottle brought it back himself and I was an advisor to IV and after amazing success, it died out again because many people retired and left to join other armies.

      2.) Being bias on this question, the Ice Vikings were amazing becaue they were the first branch off of the original Vikings army! Then the military strength built overtime. The army gathered big names such as Oagalthorp and 57to at the time. And last, they pulled off one of the biggest Cinderella stories of all time!

      3.) I was more apart of the movement at the time. This was back when everyone gathered in the dojo and the viking clans were rogues with no organization. Finally King Blooy and Mrnooner were the top leaders who made a website and thus the official vikings were born! Both leaders knew me from club penguin so they were able to bring me to the chat and I became a 2nd in command and eventually led with them.

      4.) We made it clear that whoever wants to start the IV needed permission from both Bottlefanta and I. We’ve had a few people but no one so far has had the full approval. As of now, we like to keep IV a memorial army.

      5.) I won’t answer this question because I would be trying to prove everything I did was new for the army, etc. 😛 I would like for that to be answered by those who were under my leadership or witnessed it!

      6.) Matre10 and I had a great relationship! I don’t believe we ever fought or argued about anything. I was very loyal to him and he was a great leader and friend of mine!

      7.) I think that is a question for Matre10, lol. I believe it was because I had the seniority and experience to be next in line as ACP leader.

      8.) Well, about a year ago some data came out that ACP was 1st every single week I led! I owe it all to my troops and leadership that was under me (Mch, skloop, Kenneth, Lillie, and many others!)

      9.) Summers back then and including now built the army for the entire year. They have the highest time or recruits, site views, and events. I also had a history of going inactive during the month of September because of school, so in 2010 when I was named leader, I had the biggest challenge I ever had in armies to keep ACP on top and to further the army. Keeping the army stable with recruits was the absolute key and history says the rest!

      10.) This question was already answered and 100% correct! 🙂

      Over&out! (Hopefully someone sees this :P)

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