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Spying lesson supplement: How to make a perfect spy name :)

Oooooo. I like this guy he is one of the few people who actually still know how to teach spying. *cough*except your’s truly *cough*

Nn again.

Today’s guide will teach you how not to be caught by enemy moderators while you’re spying!

As you know from Spying Lessons, spying is very important for every army in the community. It’s not any kind of crime, it’s not forbidded – every army has its own spies and enemies must deal with it. One day you would also be given higher rank, which always is connected with new duties and huge responsibility – owners always rely on moderators and must trust them.

REMEMBER!  Make your name unique one!

During my mod career I have guested tons of spies who called themselves like: cp_warrior, ACP_Troop, Jack_ACP. You must know that such spies who use simple, suspiciously simple name, especially during wars, are always caught, guested and banned forever. Fortunately for us, half of the spies don’t mind their name and thank to that fact, we can ban them from our chat.

Your name has to be extended, have some unique text. This is a simple example:


This name has following informations:

  • You aren’t any kind of ‘computer noob’ because you know what ‘AFK’ means
  • You can act like a new soldier to armies – look on the age and <EPF.Director> – no general has such a text in his/her name
  • One ‘B’ is added to the name ‘Jacob’ – that shows it is your everyday nick that wasn’t made ad hoc.

A lot of ACP spies was awarded Bronze Medal Award (BMA) – MORE INFO ABOUT AWARDS ON ACPARMY.COM

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  1. Very good post and info! Thanks!

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