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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Happy Birthday, ACPTR

5 years ago yesterday, Omega 39, who’s now achieved status of CP army legend following good success with RPF, sat at his computer, then a humble, low ranked ACP soldier, and created the ACP Boot Camp, or the ABC.

Yola ACP and cadets! This site was developed by me, Omega39, to train and discipline new recruits who want to join ACP to fight for freedom and preserve justice.  Browse around the site and get to know it. ABC, ACP Boot Camp, is still in Beta, so I will do my best to get some Drill Sergeants. If you are an ACP veteran and want to help and become a Drill Sergeant for ABC, go to the Members page.  I’m still working with Fort57 on how we’re going to transfer recruits here, so it may be a few days. I do hope ABC will be a success to train ACP recruits to lead the ACP in the next generation.

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle; it takes a hero to be one of those men.”


Omega’s reign didn’t last long, and the ACPTR was taken over by Jedimaster and Clintos, and finally began to see success. Tylo eventually took over, after a power struggle with Manjenson, and the ACPTR experienced its first ever golden age, under its greatest ever leader.

Times moved on – Matre, Snowballpink, myself (Twingy) and Jack taking the reigns through 2009 – 2011. Despite there being depressions before, the worst one of the first half of 2011 was added to by the first site being defaced and the ACPTR having to mvoe to a new site.

The ACPTR picked up again. 12declan12 lead ACPTR through many, many months of success. During 2012, he retired, and 2012 gave a mixed bunch of leaders (Tes, Antant, and Purple Slime standing out as good leaders), but overall it was successful.

Now we’re here. The ACPTR is having to work harder and harder to get cadets to train, and people to train them, as armies as a whole are on a smaller scale. But the ACPTR keeps working, keeps fighting, keeps training, keeps teaching united under the common aim of taking recruits and turning them into long-term, acp-loving, filled with leadership potential, soldiers.

The Four Main Purposes of the ACPTR

  • Train Cadets – Teach them about the ACP, train them in tactics and warfare, inform them about the rest of armies.
  • Give new recruits a place in the ACP where they feel valued and are equals – with less and less recruits and the age of soldiers increasing, younger, “noobier” soldiers have a place where they can be around caring, helpful staff and new acp recruits similar to them
  • Make cadets love the ACP – By showing them cp armies, and the ACP’s place within it, and what the ACP does, they can learn to love the ACP and want to stay
  • Give higher ranked soldiers the chance to prove themselves – With divisions gone, the ACPTR is one of the few places where a moderator can act like an owner and prove they will be ready for ownership, as well as gaining vital experience and keeping them active within the ACP

Those who’ve impacted on ACPTR

(There are obviously other staff members, lower graduates and helpers that have impacted, but this is just the people easily accessible on the site. You’ve all helped in some way. Except some certain individuals, but I think we know who they are)

  • Axevoloution
  • combat58
  • Kenneth1000 
  • Snowballpink 
  • Mac3p0
  • Rider4429
  • Robin888
  • Tuxy9349
  • Cooldude7401
  • Corymigs2
  • Wwehardywwf
  • Danny9632 
  • Leaderbird
  • Srgt Flame
  • FredFred Bur
  • Scruffy516
  • Ryanbearsroc/Purpleo 
  • Bird Pingu
  • Boie5
  • SmSm3 
  • Timmy0000
  • Mr Robotman
  • Mr Dunning
  • Redfame1000
  • Jackie202 
  • Dash Dev
  • Ben Quincy
  • Sofia011
  • Zeeco110
  • Biohazard
  • Bluebirds19
  • Penbird 100
  • Tntclay
  • Mr Awesome 555
  • Spartansoldi
  • Fever1836
  • Xeboxe1
  • 12declan12
  • Rico58
  • Feathers15
  • Ally Cally
  • Joeyred56
  • Joey mch
  • Master Kyl
  • Slippery3425
  • Cg2916 
  • 98jane
  • None
  • Zamman5
  • Flaminguin1/BunkerBumble 
  • Goddard18
  • Nickle37915
  • Luckey007
  • Gill1097/Gord18
  • Crosbycody87 
  • Chilly
  • Waddles 0
  • Onest
  • Ryconnormeg
  • Stew20 
  • Chipy8910
  • A 189
  • Coffe Guy 9
  • Mirrie3
  • Charizard58
  • Blade 7434
  • mar 5
  • naruto60000
  • Icugg
  • Antant98 
  • Blazing Dude 12
  • Freeze Bird7
  • ACP Soldier 7
  • Zwind
  • Doodygirl1
  • Grillchz200
  • Sickers4673
  • Slider568
  • Totojess1
  • Pickle Pie34
  • Elimz
  • Sliper765
  • Tes7 
  • Pengy1220
  • Dykgraaf
  • Wiomard
  • Smart Alec4
  • SwAgDuGi
  • Wizkid aka Jujuflower
  • Cool82228
  • Alliy444
  • Kitten23
  • Rocky2070
  • Interwebdude
  • None
  • Samanna 1 
  • Rocky267
  • PufPuf103
  • Legoboy612
  • Superjay99
  • Galaxie3
  • Cooly 8880
  • Rikuns
  • Joezapy
  • None
  • Mariosatr
  • Ericgarfeild
  • Camplazlo3
  • Foldez  
  • Mini
  • Simply Leave 
  • Ace Army
  • Mini17059
  • Levandoski 
  • Xeilic
  • Da Main Cat
  • Taken321
  • Ben 92763
  • Epicorange
  • Matty6177
  • Doc Flame
  • Iceycold30
  • Lklkkklllkkl
  • Scamper
  • Camigirl
  • Nintendo 342
  • Matt205
  • Penguin52734
  •  Nnpingwin
  • Mohawkstripe
  • Bolt Hugs
  • Pengo1693
  • Lord Snowy F
  • Zach11
  • Lionzluver
  • Nick3222
  • Omega39
  • Jedimaster17
  • Clintos007
  • Manjenson
  • TyloV5
  • Hawkboy15
  • Packer1nfl
  • Wolvetone
  • Yanksrule14
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Motor20
  • Matre10
  • Snowballpink
  • Rider4429
  • Danny9632
  • Twingy
  • Jack
  • Cg2916
  • Sklooperis
  • Smartuin
  • Slider568
  • Jcapp
  • 12declan12
  • Ladtom
  • Monsterfully
  • Ek
  • Swimmerboy
  • Asdfghjkl888
  • Coolto
  • Tes
  • Icey Cold27
  • Antant98
  • Purple Slime4
  • Ajman
  • Simply Leave
  • Superoo13
  • 78562cool
  • Epicorange1
  • Levandoski
  • Maxy777

“We turn recruits into soldiers”

– ACPTR, June 22nd 2008 – Present

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  1. Im so Awesome im on the list twice 😀

  2. I am on twice too :p

  3. I see my Slogan is still in use.

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