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What is SPYING? (Originally posted by Maxy777)

Hello, ACPTR.

Today, I am going to discuss spying with you. What is spying in Club Penguin, and how is it done well? Read on!

Spying in Club Penguin Armies usually involves people disguising as a soldier in the enemy army and asking them for whatever their leader wants. For instance, they might ask what the plans for upcoming events are. However, if you are going to spy, all evidence supporting your true ACP identity must be concealed- make a new email, xat account etc. Formerly, Spying in CP armies involved actually going onto CP and gathering intel from there. However, because Disney censors nearly everything you say now, it is not worth asking for information on CP.

It’s easy to spy on xat chats. As I said before, all you gotta do is…

1. Make a new xat account with a completely new ID.

2. Make a new Club Penguin account so that you can attend enemy events to avoid suspicion.

3. Make a photobucket account- you can use this to create print screens of enemy information(will talk through that later).

4. Make a new email and wordpress- this way, you can comment on enemy posts, avoiding suspicion.

Once you’ve got everything set up, you can follow some tips to get you started in spying.

1. Keep a low profile- if you draw too much attention to yourself, leaders will get suspicious and you might get banned. However, you should say something from time to time to avoid suspicion, too.

2. Learn how to use print screen. To use print screen on Windows, press Prt Scn. That takes a screenshot. Open up a paint software and copy+paste it into the software. Now, crop the screenshot down to a suitable size.

There really is not much more to say about spying. If you can think of more creative ways to spy, go for it, because as they say, imagination comes over knowledge!

-Maxy 777

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