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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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ACP Guide

Originally posted by Snowballpink

So, you just joined the ACP, huh? This page is to help you with getting to know the basics, of being in ACPTR. Hopefully I can help you out and give you some insight on how ACP works.

1.) Being Active

To earn promotions, you have to be active. Being active means you come on chat, attend as many battles as you can, read the ACP site often and comment on new posts. Any questions? Ask a member of ACPTR staff, a moderator or an owner on ACP chat.

2.) Important Links

These are the links you should have bookmarked on your computer since they’rethe most important links of our army and you’ll need them a lot.




3. Your rank

Your rank is your status symbol in ACP. The higher your rank, the more respect you get and the more responsibility and power comes with it. We have 3 kinds of ranks, Member ranks, Moderator ranks, and Owner ranks. The members are the backbone and stronghold of our army, without them, we couldn’t be what we are. Moderators are the future leaders of ACP, they keep chat moderated and help out members, sometimes a mod will take in an apprentice. Finally the owners, the owners are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in commands. Owners keep the army together, leading it, keeping everything in order, and keeping the mods and members in line, as well as helping them. To get to a certain rank, you must be active and work up month by month by getting a promotion at the end of each month.


3.) Chat

ACP chat is one of the best ways we have to communicate in an army. ACP chat is where people make friends in the army as well as revive orders from the leaders (first in commands) during battles and also grow and learn through their army career.

—»Chillin’ on the Chat: If your just hanging around on chat and other ACP soldiers are on, that’s great! When theres nothing going on (no events or battles), it’s your chance to meet and talk with other ACP soldiers. You’ll learn chat slang, and you’ll catch on quickly. Be yourself, don’t be nervous and scared stiff, ACP chat is used for soldiers to meet with each other and to have fun, and also of course, for hearing orders and carrying them out on Cp during battles, and , other activities. But please, don’t use CAPITAL LETTERS, spam, or break our chat rules, because, that can soldiers get annoyed, and we don’t have events every single day. So act cool, be yourself, make some friends, and have fun!

—»Banned?:If you got banned, guested, or kicked that’s probably because you broke some chat rules, don’t worry though, learn from this mistake and don’t do it again, come back on in about an hour if your banned and start over. But don’t stress over this, everyone makes these mistakes, and I did when I was new too!


4.) Wars & Battles

It might be your first war or battle! If it is, cooperate. Don’t try to give orders leave it to the leaders. When a battle is starting first, go to ACP chat. Either an owner or the next highest ranked moderator should be leading at this time. Hurry and log onto Club Penguin. If you don’t know what server and room, ask the soldiers on ACP chat, although, the server and room might be posted on the scroller, which is located on the bottom of which you type messages on the chat. Get on chat about a half hour before the battle starts, it helps a lot, trust me. Now onto some basic tactics…

  • E+L: Clovers
  • E+M: Money
  • E+P: Puffles
  • E+H: Hearts
  • E+1: Grin/smile
  • E+2: Biggrin
  • E+3: No emotion
  • E+4: Sad face
  • E+5: Surprised
  • E+6: Spit face
  • E+7: Wink
  • E+8: Sick face
  • E+9: Mad/war face


Frenzy: Running around while doing the ordered tactic.

Waterfall: Running up and down while doing the tactic ordered.

Joke Bomb: Charge at the enemy while pressing J.

Lines: Forming a line of penguins, these could be anything from chat bar lines, lines in the middle, or a line going from a certain penguin.

Circles: Making a circle around the room

There’s a lot of different commands truth be told, but these are just a few basic ones.

Congratulations! You have finished the ACP Beginners Guide! The ACP Training Regiment staff wishes you good luck on your journey to having a fun-filled experience in the Army of Club Penguin!

~ACP Training Regiment Staff

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