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Oagalthorp Fakes and The Real One

On Friday, May, 18, during an event that was supposed to be a practice battle with the Hot Sauce Army turned into something real surprising. The Hot Sauce Army went to war with Nachos so they had to cancel the battle.  So we had a training session instead,  Then we had a surprise visit , Oagalthorp visited ACP.  Many people in shock and many ACP troops, outsiders and Also cp army legends visited the ACP chat as well.

I have been in the ACP for almost three months now and this is my first time ever actually seeing Oagal in chat before.  In the past and good chance in the future there has always been fake Oagal who do it to get attention.   To me in my opinion, To copy someone with fame like Oagal is really pathetic but there are way you can tell if it’s a fake or not.

Positively ACP post. pic 1

1.  Oagal never speaks (a fake would talk often or at points)

2.  Oagal only speaks to Retired leaders or mostly the current leader.

A fake Oagal would speak really often on main or talk here and there.  Oagal acted like the real one and the leaders said it was him.  If there is anyone who could tell the real Oagal I believe it would be the leaders.  Also two people I think who could tell the real Oagal anytime is Boomer20 and Shaboomboom. Two very popular ACP legends who have talked to Oagal many times before.

In 2008, Oagalthorp banned his club penguin account so people could not hack into it. He created a new account called Dog83466 and used it at the training session on Cloudy. When someone saw him on chat and saw him on club penguin under his real penguin people knew it was the real him.  Even though Oagal is not at ACP anymore he still visits here and there.  It’s amazing how people can be there and doing things when people don’t even notice.

Positively Post pic 2

If you look closely on this picture, He is in the line. Closer to the start of the line.  Comment on what you think about Oagal visit.

Positively ACP Japan nametag

5 Responses

  1. 1. Oagal never speaks (a fake would talk often or at points)
    2. Oagal only speaks to Retired leaders or mostly the current leader.

    This post is… ehhhhh. Those 2 statements are probably just him not replying to a probably humongous barrage of PCs screaming “r u rl” and “OHMIGODITSOAGALOMG”

    And real people do talk – you can’t tell if someone’s fake by whether they talk or not. They probably checked by wordpress, a xat account, club penguin account, or asked him a question only Oagal would know the answer to.

    • Actually, he does not really say “Hello” to anyone expect Mchappy or a retired ACP legend, so that’s not the reason. He talks maybe like 2-3 words on main every time he visits. Also I mentioned in my post that Mchappy knew his Cp account and he was on chat and cp so they made him owner on the chat. Read the post…..

  2. Ooooooh cool! :O

  3. poggers ngl

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