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Kingfunks4′s first reign

Originally posted by Nnpingwin

My note: New soldiers to ACP are probably astonished that occurrence described in this article happened in August 2012. It happened when I was joining Ice Warriors, my first army. In my noobish mind there was a thought “Serves him right!”. I don’t know why I didn’t like him at all those days. Of course, I changed my mind :)

Since 31st July 2012, new leader, Kingfunks4, was leading ACP as 22nd leader. He replaced IceyCold27, who, before retirement, was  leading ACP for the second term.

When I was promoted to 2ic, I wasn’t expecting to receive leader this quickly. I thought I’d have some time to build up the knowledge of a leader, but after 30 days of being a second in Command I have been thrown into the helm and promise to take the ACP to a solid future. I don’t expect us to get to the heights of Boomer, Oagal or Mch. All I expect is we retain the top position for a large amount of time and consistently get 40+ on CP.

(Kingfunks4, in post titled “Here we go”, on 31st July)

From this post we learn that Kingfunks4 was Second-in-Command for only 30 days.

The following day, ACP has successfully invaded Grizzly from Light Troops

During the ACP/LT war ACP was winning more than a half of the battles (see WAR TRACKER).

On 5th August, in post made by IceyFeet1234 (retired IW Leader, who lead this army for over 5 years), Funks, making a  special note, announced that he (Icey) is removed from Temporary 2ic due to “a huge amount of dislike”.

7th August came with so much important post informing that during 24 hours Army of Club Penguin won 8 battles against Light Troops and one, with Club Penguin Night Divers, being part of the “Legends Cup”. This day was called “the Tuesday Destruction”

Now we’re going to move to 20th day of August. On that day, Capncook announced the newest Active Count. At the same time, Antant98 revised chat rules and entered a few corrections.

Capncook began to plan a coup of Funks, who had taken a 3 week vacation to go to Greece, where he had very limited internet access, only enough for an hour every few days. However, Capn was very public about this coup as he wanted to get Europeans on his side, but this backfired, leaving the entire community knowing of Capn’s impending actions.

Two days later, a very important post, which had influence on whole ACP’s future.

Hello ACP Capncook has recently decided that he will coup Kingfunks, ACP leader. Funks has been a loyal soldier to us over the year and he has tried his best at his leadership position. He has recently been ill and is now in Corfu for a whole 2 weeks. Yes, he wasn’t on obsessively when he was able to be around but he tried all the same.

The reasoning behind Capn’s coup is unknown to me as I was not informed of anything. I logged on chat to find a babble of talk from soldiers of the ACP and  outside this army. I quickly checked up on Club Penguin Army Central where Capn had stated that he was couping Funks and was intending on getting the rank of Supreme Commander. I then looked on the ACP site and their was literally nothing hinting towards any sort of ownership changes. Surely the soldiers should be the priority of any major decision like this one. […] My hunch was that Capn was going to obtain leadership due to ACP rapidly dropping in sizes. Funks has certainly got an effect on the army and a leader could change our sizes. However, the days following the point when Capn and I were made temporary leaders, the ACP had even fewer soldiers on Club Penguin. You surely can’t hate the three of us(Capn, Funks and myself) so much that our sizes have gone to a modern all time low. I knew this couldn’t be the case as soldiers in heavy numbers were completely against Capn promoting himself or I in this way. They may have not liked Funks’ leadership but they were still against such actions on behalf of Capn.[…] Prior to any sort of movement in the rankings, what are your thoughts? Do you stand by Capn’s actions or do you wish Funks to remain leader. Should Funks step up his game or should another leader arrive? Your thoughts, your army. –Ek ACP Head General and his crew of ruffians. A side note: I fancy a Greggs.  by Ekpenguin9

As we can read above, Capncook, in opinion of Ekpenguin9, wanted to become next leader of ACP. People who made comments under the post, were mostly stating that Kingfunks4 should remain leader.

The day after, Boomer20 (who had originally supported Capncook’s coup), former ACP leader, had stated his opinion in a post: READ IT. He intended Kingfunks4 to be demoted (due to “his inactiveness”) from 1ic to 2ic, and he wanted Ekpenguin9 to become new leader.

On 24th August 2012 Kingfunks4 was officially demoted to Second-in-Command. He was replaced by former 2ic , Ekpenguin9.


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