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Slimes Study Class – Tactics

Hai, Purple slime4 here! Haven’t posted on ACPTR in a while. Today I am giving you an important lesson that you’ll find pretty helpful. Tactics. There has been a lot of tactic posts recently but there are some things you guys really need to know. If you want to see a PERFECT tactic on CP, then read this post immediately.

Lets go.

Now I have caught your attention! Harha!

Hmm, Tactics. Yeah. Recently, I have been seeing some not-that-goodish tactics during events- and I’ve been analysing some of the reasons. Stare at and read these two long (but definitely worth it) tips-


1) Don’t be AFK during an event.

Reason: Not being AFK would help a lot. At an event, stay on chat and Club penguin and if you need to go, then leave chat and CP! Usually people never pay attention due to CP (sometimes) and AFKness. Only use Club penguin for performing tactics and only usechat for listening to the leader’s orders.  

TIP: You could chant orders on chat too. That’ll help.

2) Beware the emotes of doom!


Heart The hideous tactic that is E+H!

   The beastly E+B!

Laugh Emoticon  The evil E+1!

Popcorn Emoticon   The obscene E+O!

Night Emoticon The naughty E+N!

Perform these emotes by using the emote list instead! (Or as we all call it, via emote list).


Well, if you press the evil E+H on CP , then you’ll end up saying ”Hello” on CP. Why? Pressing H on CP makes you say ”Hello” so yes. You’ll end up with a tactic full of hearts and hellos.

Same for E+B, the not-so-lovely light bulb. Pressing B would make you say ”Goodbye”. A tactic full of light bulbs and goodbyes? No thanks.

E+1? Oh you nasty emote! Pressing 1 on CP will make you do the exclamation mark emote.

It’s obvious that you don’t want a tactic  full of exclamation marks and grin-ish faces!

E+O. Tsk tsk tsk. Pressing O on CP would make you say ”Ok” and so you will end up with a tactic of Ok’s and popcorn.

E+N: The worst of them all. What makes it so bad is that it is not on the emote list. For my calculations, the only way is well, to just keep on pressing E and N until you get that night emote. Pressing N on CP makes you say ”No”. Night time and No’s? That’s a no no.

Tip: Don’t  stop doing that tactic/emote until it’s perfect!

That’s all you have from me about tactics!

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  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

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