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Recruiting Guide

Here is an easy guide to help you recruit.

Now before I show you the guide you must know what recruiting means. Recruiting in armies mean to get people to join your army. Recruiting is the key to having a big army. There is to ways the recruit. Most used the Chat Recruiting Way. Here is the Chat recruiting guide:

Credit goes to Np300

Np’s Recruiting Guide

Step One-Choose a Chat














The Most popular chats to recruit on are Monchocho and Riffy.

Pretty straight forward you choose a chat. Choose wisely though make sure there are not many owners or mods(or owners in stealth I hate those sneaky ones)

Step Two- Reel in your recruit

Just putting a link will get them to ignore you make them WANT to come to your chat

Step Three- Change the subject

Step Four-Reverse Psychology

Step Five- Get them to join!!!!!

There you have it one of my many ways of recruiting people. As you see recruiting is more then just spamming a person’s pc with a link it takes steps and some good acting. Now troops that you have some good recruiting chat links and a idea on how to recruit get going and rise this army yourselves not just the leaders can do it. Even if there is no one at the chat filling it up yourself would make me more proud then filling it up during a event. If every single person in the army got just one recruit everyday this army would be huge just saying. :)

Thanks to Np for teaching us how to recruit! There is many other ways, but this way is really easy. The other way to recruit is by going on cp and chanting recruiting phrases. I made my own not-so-good-guide, but here it is.:


Club Penguin Recruiting
Club Penguin recruiting or CP recruiting is recruiting in Club Penguin with or without friends and chanting recruiting phrases like “Join ACP“.  Here is a list of some recruiting phrases you can say:

1. “Join ACP“.
2. “Don’ be mean, turn green”.
3. “Green is supreme”
4. “Dance with ACP
5. “Join ACP by searching us on Google”
 (In the comments, comment a recruiting phrase and I’ll add it to my post)

There are many more phrases you can say, but these are just some examples.  The best rooms to recruit in are the populated rooms like the Town and Plaza.  When you CP recruit, it’s best to recruit with your friends, but it is okay if you go by yourself. (It will be harder). Here are some tips you can follow when you CP recruit:

1.  Start recruiting at the Town.
2.  Get some friends.
3.  Be in ACP uniform.
4.  Chant recruiting phrases.
5.  Be friendly.
6.  Don’t lie.
7.  Don’t use bots.
8.  Go on a populated server.
9.  Have fun!!!

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to pick up some new recruits.  Now if you don’t know how to choose a server, I’ll teach you how.

How to Choose a Server
The first thing you want to do is check our ACP Nations list.  You will want to check it to know what servers we own so other armies won’t get mad at us and declare war.  Then go to the server list on Club Penguin.  Choose a server that is 3 bars or more so you can get the attention of more possible recruits.  That’s how you choose a server.
Here are the best times to recruit:
Best times to recruit on CP
Usually the bet time to recruit on CP is during parties. During parties is when Disney does advertisements on Disney Channel which gets lots of new people playing CP. The best time to recruit is usually during Mid-day when most people come back from school and go onto CP. The best rooms to recruit are usually the new Party rooms that most Cub Penguin Players want to check out. Also try many other populated rooms with many people in it.
I hoped you learned how to recruit after reading these guides.

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  1. Whoa. That’s a pretty nice way to recruit.

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