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Fanta Leadership-Ups and Downs

Hello ACPTR! today Orange told me to post my Fanta post on the positively ACP site and put it on here!

Hello Positively ACP viewers! Today, I’m posting about the Fanta leadership, The Fanta leadership contained 2 leaders. Funks and Ant. The leadership lasted 1 month and 25 days which is not that long of a time, the two were leading in November, December and January 2012/13, when the Black alliance/ White alliance war was. Here is a pic of ACP maxing 28-30 at the time. 

Then things started to turn to the worst. ACP was loosing the war against the Black Alliance (SWAT, LT and DW) ACP was getting inactive and then most of ACP wanted to pull out of the war and then Ant retired due to an “illness”! But then he joined AR? we thought Ant was actually sick and then he just joined AR? Then that’s when ACP got its Swunks leadership, but thats not what were talking about. Here I interview Slime for another opinion on the Fanta leadership.
Me: Can I interview you for a Positively ACP post?
Slime: Sure I guess XD
Me:What do you think was good about the Fanta leadership(Funks and Ant?)
Slime: Well, They sorta worked together pretty well and ACP was in decent condition, I remember during their leadership they had an event with 40+.Ant wasn’t really inactive which was good.
Me: What do you think was bad about it?
Slime: Well, we didn’t really rise that much, only for a short time. Also when Ant left, faking his ilness and Joining AR.
Me:What do you think they both at the time could have done better?
Slime: Ah, I’m not sure, probably could have done more fun things, or perhaps do more things to help ACP rise.
Me: Thanks for letting me interview you.
Slime: Np!
So as you can see from both of our opinion’s the Fanta leadership was not the best but it did have a few good points, mostly bad points due to ACP at war. Comment with Youropinion on this topic.

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