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Black Alliance Versus White Alliance – Biggest War in CPA history

Hello ACPTR! Orange wanted me to post this too off of the same post I made on Positively ACP.

Hello Positively ACP readers! Today I’m posting about the WA vs BA war. It was the biggest war in cp army history. It began on January 18th.The alliance wanted to take down ACP, these armies were in the alliance: LT, Nachos, Doritos, RPF, UMA, Sky Troops and Shadow troops which would be a lot on ACP’s hands. The first invasions were from LT and RPF. RPF invaded mittens while LT invaded there starting server, Ice box. Kenneth was confident that ACP will win those invasions, if you want to see the post click Here . At the time RPF’s site got deleted and LT’s site got defaced and switching sites, ACP won. 

The war between the ACP and the alliance went on for a very long time. There was a lot of battles, which most were disputed since both sides claimed to have won. But on February 21st Flipper said that the war is over and the only army left was Light Troops.Although they surrendered the war, Flipper was still not pleased with their behavour towards the ACP in the past. However, 3 days later after the end of the war, the ACP had a plan to sort out their troubles with the Light Troops. ACP created ANDI with there allies (ACP,Nachos,DW,IW) Here is a picture of there training 
At the time Pirates and ACP had a treaty,the treaty stated that it lasts until May 22nd, its unbreakable and any invasions from either side will be ignored. Both sides agreed.
The Black alliance quickly got smaller and smaller, but Waterkid100-Pirates Leader had a trick up his sleeve. He created Black legion which is just the BA all over again, Funks quickly said that ACP will be ignoring those invasions.
So as ACP ignored the invasions the Black Legion sunk and CP armies turned normal. What do YOU think about the war? Leave a Comment!

4 Responses

  1. This tells nothing of BA history.

    • The BA were a bunch of dicks who had nothing better to do than repeatedly declare war on the ACP in the hopes of eventually killing it, despite their many attempts failing. They kept declaring war, claiming this time would be different, and kept losing to the ACP. Even when the ACP got smaller, the BA kept getting reduced to just Pirates who would surrender after yet another Waterkid rage quit. Eventually, a BA war prompted an ACP surrender, and the BA claimed they were victorious in their struggle, despite losing most of the wars and never killing off the ACP.

  2. Interesting post!

  3. Lol.

    You stole half of this post from the History page on CPAC, which I made.

    Also you got a lot of facts wrong, I mean, a LOT.

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