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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Things about ACP

I went on CPAC, and found some interesting things about ACP that I think you should know.

Army of Club Penguin

Current Leader(s): Mchappy

Website: http://acparmy.com


The ACP was created on September 29, 2006 on the Miniclip Forums by Oagalthorp. Here, they became the first army established with a centralized leader and organization. The ACP grew fast and became one of the biggest armies on the forums. They battled their way through WWII fighting off Romans, Vikings, and many other clans. Eventually, the ACP moved to WordPress. It wasn’t too long until the ACP found themselves involved in another world war; this time they fought the massive Underground Mafias Army. Despite being greatly outnumbered at each battle by the UMA, the Army of Club Penguin were able to pull off a huge upset under Oagalthorp’s command.

After Oagalthorp’s reign, they went through a series of leaders until reaching a legendary leader in Boomer 20. Boomer took over the ACP in one of their lowest points in history after recently losing to “The Great Alliance” in World War IV and just avoiding a civil war. However, he soon led the ACP out of their drought to reach another Golden Age for the ACP. The ACP reached extraordinary sizes during this era and continued their dominance with many victories and achievements.

Since then, the ACP have been able to continue their success with only a few bumps in the road here and there. They have been able to remain one of the most powerful armies until Summer 2012, when they took a plunge. Nowadays, ACP can be found anywhere in the Top Ten depending on the week, anywhere from first to the bottom.


  1. Oagalthorp
  2. Fort57
  3. Dr Nono Jr
  4. Rapidy
  5. Kg 007
  6. Shaboomboom
  7. Boomer 20
  8. Saint1119
  9. Dryvit
  10. Shaboomboom (2)
  11. Seanehawk
  12. Boomer 20 (2)
  13. Saint1119 (2)
  14. Dr Nono Jr
  15. Iasgae56
  16. Shaboomboom (3)
  17. Matre10
  18. Bobcatboy10
  19. Mchappy (Icey Cold27)
  20. Kenneth1000
  21. Flipper7706
  22. Mchappy (Icey Cold27) (2)
  23. Kingfunks4
  24. Ekpenguin9
  25. Kingfunks4 (2)
  26. Antant98
  27. Swimmerboy01 
  28. Mchappy (Icey Cold27) (3) Currently Leader

ACP army legends:

Oagal created the Army of Club Penguin, one of the very first official armies. He also modernized tactics, and is known as one of the greatest leaders of warfare. His army, ACP, helped paved the way for army history, and was one of the center armies of all World Wars. Oagalthorp is commonly known as the father of Club Penguin Armies and he is known throughout the community. Oagalthorp will be forever remembered.

Known not only for his brilliant leading of the Army of Club Penguin, but for many other feats, Boomer is truly a renaissance man of Club Penguin Armies. The good times for ACP during his leadership have been nicknamed the “Boomer Era”. Under his leadership, ACP won back to back Army of the Year in 2008 and 2009, as well as the Christmas Tournament of 2008 and the Decade’s End Tournament of 2009. He is credited with some of the largest army sizes in history, including 150 soldiers at CPAC’s Decade’s End Tournament, and for creating the circle charge tactic. Boomer has also worked with countless political alliances, but he is most noted for the CP Army Council. Boomer pioneered the council and brought the idea of unification to a dreadfully split era of Club Penguin Armies.

Known for being an ACP Leader who was leader more often than most and having led ACP out of many tight spots. Without him ACP and CP Armies wold not be the same. Along with being voted the best CPAC staff member during the 2011 Summer Bash and the  for his employment as Head Philosopher, he was also a major supporter of suppressing hackers/scammers and wrote the current, and widely know/supported, Anti-Hacking Bill. While he is rarely seen on chat anymore he still does some work behind the scenes every now and then.

Also the one who created ACPTR:

Omega39 is given credit for writing the first ever constitution on an army site, and for creating the first army boot camp. He also created the original Tundra alliance. Finally, he is given credit for creating the Renegade rebellion, and playing a major part in the Next Gen. Rebellion against ACP, along with several other revolutions.

Some warfare records ACP set:

Most Soldiers Ever on a Battle:

  1. Estimated 175 Soldiers, ACP (Boomer 20′s Reti1st Organized Army:
    1. Army of Club Penguin (ACP)

Aren’t these things cool? and also here is the link of the former ACPTR site:


Credit goes to cpac for most of this


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  1. Hopefully I’ll be a legend one day. :mrgreen:

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