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Patrolling and Recruiting – Originally posted by Galaxie3

Hello cadets, this is your new instructor Galaxie3 and this post is about Patrolling and Recruiting.



All Club Penguin Armies recruit. It is the main stronghold for getting more people to know about the army and maybe join us. Recruiting is mainly when a part of the army goes on to a populated server such as breeze or alpine and says things like “JOIN ACP!” and “SEARCH UP ARMY OF CP”. What the army wants to do is make as many people know about the army and maybe even search up there website and join the army.  ACP prefers to recruit like that than recruit on chats because a lot of people ignore it and the chat owners dont like it either and you may even be banned from the chat.  Another way to recruit is by impressing cp civilians with tactics and tricks. ACP loves to do joke bombs or clover bombs.  As an example, here is one of ACP’s traditional clover bombs.

ACP is proud :3

Another way to recruit is, chat recruiting. Chat recruiting is when you private message someone on chat and ask them to join your army. Usually when you recruit this way you give them a higher rank then you usually do when you join on the join page. ACP hardly uses this method because everyone knows about and you can just go on the join page.

One more way are videos. Some armies (like ACP and Nachos) make videos for recruiting people. Lets say a Club Penguin member is looking at Club Penguin videos and saw a video of a propaganda (a thing what countries use to make themselves look good)  for a CPA, and the person likes the video. Usually, there is a link at the description of the video for the army, the person clicks it, and then they join.

Here is a video propaganda for ACP what are beloved ex-owner Skloop made 2 years ago :D :

Now it is time for Patrolling :3:

Patrolling is when your army (or just you) patrols a server owned by your (or the army you are in) army. What I think is that armies don’t need to patrol because if another army would be invading it would have to tell the army. Patrolling is only useful if an army is raiding the server (what the army doesn’t have to tell the other army if raiding and not invading). Some armies (like ACP) make there troops patrol on there free time. The patrolling page for ACP is this http://armyofcp.com/did-you-patrol-3/. This page can make you get promoted easier, so I suggest that you can do it. You can only comment every 24 hours saying your patrol duties.

Now, because the meaning of the post is finished, it is time for comics :D .

This picture is owned by CPAC



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  1. Sklooperis’ video wasn’t propaganda though? 😆

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