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I do not bring you this post because it relates to current ACP events; nor because it is in effect the final desperate resignation of true army and ACP legend Boomer 20; but because it is, in fact, the future. Take heed, from lowliest cadet to most experienced legend. This is our community and ours to lose. Hatred cannot, for the sake of all of us, prevail. 

As the prospect of elimination at the hands of the Black Alliance approaches yet again, Club Penguin’s oldest and most storied army is faced with a seemingly insurmountable task. As the rest of the army community looks on, some helplessly, others with renewed excitement, few have considered the question which we should all be asking ourselves. If this is to be the Army of Club Penguin’s final hour, what would the future look like in a post-ACP world?

Indeed, the Black Alliance’s singular purpose may perhaps be shortsighted. Month after month, we have seen the same attempts made to take down ACP in a seemingly endless war of words and controversy, eventually succumbing to the sheer boredom resulting from a mission of such tedium. But what if ACP does truly fall? I am not convinced anyone has thought this far ahead.

As ACP is again faced with the prospect of its destruction, are we ourselves looking into the face of our own mortality? If an army as central, as intrinsic to the very nature of everything we do and have done for over six years ceases to exist, what hope is there for us as a community to assure we will not all inevitably endure the same fate? Allow me to paint a picture of the future of armies, post-Army of Club Penguin.


It has been done. The Black Alliance, through sheer and perpetual determination, has brought the once-great Army of Club Penguin to its knees. Serverless, and without purpose or direction, ACP dissolves into what can only be referred to as a social group. With its chat still a draw for people from around armies, and with a few loyal soldiers too stubborn to abandon the cause, ACP appears not unlike it was just a month before. Its presence on Club Penguin, however, is no longer felt. The recruits have stopped coming. Many of the retired veterans have finally moved on. The Black Alliance celebrates its achievement.

ACP’s former allies, hesitant to take up the cause of their fallen comrade, realize their fatal mistake. They are now outnumbered; they are vulnerable. The Nachos, who have slowly declined into near-obscurity following an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Dark Warriors, are the first to go. SWAT, riding the momentum of their victory over ACP, and acting on previous grudges of a secret invasion which lost them their capital of Mammoth, sufficiently deplete the Nacho Empire of its most prized servers. The Ice Warriors, lost without the guidance of their former leader Iceyfeet1234, continue along their path of neutral irrelevancy, falling outside of the Top 5. The Black Alliance, capitalizing on the opportunity, declares war on them as the closest connection to ACP left, effectively overwhelming them in one of the most lopsided wars in known history. The Army Republic, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, joins the Black Alliance, the very organization they pledged to eliminate not long ago.

The Black Alliance is now comprised of every significant army in Club Penguin. But it is now their turn to face the harsh reality. They no longer have an enemy to fight. So caught up in their hatred for ACP, the Black Alliance had failed to recognize that every world war since the end of the Color Wars has featured ACP as its primary catalyst. Without a common enemy, wars among the major armies have ceased to exist. Without the draw of its most recognizable army in green, the community has begun to suffer. The lack of war and conflict has led to a decline in interest for armies. The army community can no longer support them all.

The Golden Troops and Shadow Troops have slowly dissolved into obsolescence. UMA has effectively shut down as a result of leadership chaos. Members of these armies have now gravitated toward the Big 4, comprised of Army Republic, the last justifiable superpower, the Dark Warriors, SWAT, and the Pirates. The remaining original members of the Black Alliance attempt to respite the unexpected collapse by turning on their newest ally, AR. Supported by members of the fallen Alliance armies, AR manages to hold its own against the Pirates, DW, and SWAT in a short-lived war in which neither side makes any progress. Finally recognizing that they no longer serve any purpose, the Black Alliance disbands. CPAC holds a mere fraction of its former viewership, as not enough significant armies even exist to form an effective or interesting Top 10. Unable to find new reporters to post about the wars which no longer occur, CPAC’s influence has all but disappeared. Club Penguin Armies descend into a dark age unlike any they have ever seen.

The army community, without a true visionary for perhaps the first time in its history, begins to crumble. Leaders trained only in the art of recruiting and tactics are unable to look beyond what they can do to save their broken army, not realizing the reality of a broken system. The last remaining members of the older generation move on, as army legends Puckley, SaW, Buritodaily, Unknown, 122344a, and Ioioluk turn over the reins to the next generation of leaders. Recruiting from pools of increasingly young soldiers, armies have lost their effectiveness. Battles now consist only of disorganized formations and chaotic spamming. Even the largest armies are only able to field 20 soldiers for events, as the veteran soldiers have lost interest and the new recruits lack any form of discipline under increasingly weak leadership.

And so it must be, as all armies are born, all armies must die. Here begins the descent into the inevitable oblivion. Some may say they knew it was coming. The sad reality lies in that none were willing or capable of stopping it. This is not a post about ACP. It is a post about your future, as it can no longer be mine. I can say with certainty that this will be the last post I ever make. I hereby resign my position at Club Penguin Army Central and as head of the Club Penguin Army Council, which will be left to any in which I see the desire to find the ultimate good for Club Penguin Armies, a cause for which I dedicated my entire army career. It is time for the torch to be passed. I know that armies hold a special meaning for all of us, even those who have moved on to bigger and better things. They have been a part of our lives, even if only for a fleeting but significant moment. As my last wish to all of you, please take care of them.

~Boomer 20
Proud Soldier of Club Penguin Armies

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  1. the main problem is when mods and 3ics wont shut up and let higher ranks lead..

  2. Soo short…

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