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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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ACPTR End of the Year Awards RESULTS

First there were polls. Then there were votes. Now there are results. This is all very exciting.

So the awards are: Best Moment of 2012, Best Leader of 2012, Most Deserved Medal of Training of 2012, Best Staff Member of 2012, Best Cadet of 2012 and most importantly Best Adviser of 2012.

There were lots of worthy entries to every poll (and some not so worthy entries). Well, most of them were worthy – otherwise the ACPTR would be awful, without you, the wonderful people who have run it and helped it succeed this year and throughout its history. We’re the quiet division, I like to think. Of course, we have our issues, our haters, and our conflicts. But on the whole we’re the division that gets on with its job with diligence and without complaint. And succeeded. Grand job.

So without further ado, the ACPTR 2012 End of Year Awards (or as I like to call them the ACPTR2012EOYA because it’s, err, shorter) results! Please remember to watch the obligatory drum-rolls.

Best Leader

This was a close poll. Tight like a Nun’s… I won’t go there. Either way, the winner is…


Dec joined the ACPTR around Summer 2010 and became leader after the first site was hacked and destroyed. He created the new site (this site) and raised ACPTR up from the metaphorical dust. Declan continued to lead for the rest of 2011 and into March 2012. Assuming he took over in July 2012 (the first month after the new site began) he trained a total of 16 A+ Graduates and considerably normal graduates. Declan was also the leader for the longest this year (practically 3 months), with 5 A+ Graduates coming in 2012 alone.

Best Cadet

This was a tight poll. So tight in fact, there wasn’t a clear winner. The prize will have to be in some way shared. But the winners are

Mariosatr and Epicorange

Both cadets graduated with A+s, Mario in February and Epicorange in July. It doesn’t say how many medals they each got but I’m sure they both got a considerable amount. They both also went onto later serve as staff members, with Epicorange still a staff member (diligently serving the non-existent USA side of the ACPTR) but Mariosatr has now retired from the ACP and ACPTR.

Best Adviser

Not so tight, which made a nice ego boost.



I can’t really speak about myself so I’ll go for a more factual tone. I rejoined the ACPTR as an adviser at the midway point in the year and have advised continually since, often going into decisions which I shouldn’t really be taking such as old leaders and new leaders and generalized shenanigans. I think that I’ve done a half decent job. When I first left the ACPTR I really abandoned them to fall, but this time I hope I’ve helped the best I’ve could.

Best Staff Member

A closer poll, with the winner only pulling in 40% of the votes and still coming out victorious. He did however got almost double the votes as his closest rival, and you can take nothing away from him.


Mchappy is someone you don’t have to struggle to talk about. He has an ACP Medal of Honour, an ACPTR Medal of Training, been ACP Leader twice, ACP 2ic for about 2 years in total and an ACP troop for about 4 years. He’s currently serving as an ACP general, and an active adviser in the ACPTR who takes regular part in events. This year he served as a staff member practically up until he became ACP leader. He served in various staff positions, as the first Superintendent, and as a kind-of leader. During the year I gave Mchappy the Medal of Training and it is, of course, fully deserved.

Most Deserved New Medal of Training

The closest poll. The winner switched and switched throughout but now we have a definite winner – by a single vote.


Slider is a current ACP general, having recently rejoined. Beforehand, he was 2ic for about a year but retired upon being given leader. In the ACPTR, he has led a massive 4 times, most recently for a couple of weeks this summer. On his retirement from the ACP I awarded him the Medal of Training for his continual support of the ACPTR. A fully deserved Medal of Training, and according to our viewers the most deserved Medal of Training.

Best Moment of 2012

Rather obvious I would say – it barely needs the ending “of 2012”. Ever.

The Battle Against MW

Pictures speak 1000 words. Or 17 penguins – staff and cadets: past and present. It was like a coming together of everyone in the ACPTR, ever, and whether they went or not you felt that this was our achievement, our regiment, our masterpiece, our ACPTR.

The winners all receive CP codes, or something. You have until the 15th of January to contact Superoo to recieve yours. Obviously, with 6 winners being human beings and only 4 coin codes, there will have to be compromises. Therefore, I will drop my coin code and so will Mario as I’m certain he hates CP now anyway. If someone doesn’t want theirs/doesn’t pick theirs up it will go to one of us two or a runner-up. The 4 receivers of coin codes are:

  • Mchappy
  • Slider
  • Declan
  • Epicorange

That concludes this years awards. Certainly a good one for the CV. Have a good night, folks!


8 Responses

  1. Well done Mch!

  2. Why Levan not here *wary*

  3. Wow, I actually got an award :O

  4. wow thanks guys

  5. Awesome! Thanks everyone!

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