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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Ideas and whatnot

Twingy: Wow, having to re-write my entire post – such fun!

Thought I do a Tes-esque ideas post, if anyone wanted to put any input in. I’ll type out some names. Try and do something, you lazy buggers.

Just to clarify, this is how to edit (please do edit with suggestions):

Foldez: The ACPTR youtube password scares me *hilarious joke alert* Go back to the kitchen *hilarious joke alert*

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  • Purple slime
  • Foldez



Purple Slime: I am not that sure yet…. I’ll think about it!










Levandowski: Just like Twingy, I think we should have more A+ Medals/Credit. At the end of the month to make ACPTR more fun, we could let the A+ Graduates get temp moderator on the ACPTR chat, just to let them feel like a real ACPTR staff.At the start of a month, the ACPTR Director picks each staff member to make Mini-Lesson on the topic the Director has choosen for him/her.Not too much ideas there but I hope that at least one of them helped!


Epicorange: I think that that the medals should be raised up to 8 or 9. We also need to make ACPTR more serious. ACO counts on us to train the soldiers and we haven’t been doing the best job. There is a lot of inactive staff, so you need to fire them soon. The cadets need to also be more active. Most cadets can’t make events, so maybe we can do quizzes for the cadets that can’t make events or can’t get on chat by email or something. We could also go on CP a little bit more because we barely ever go on. Te cadets love going on CP so that would be great. We can also set up practice battles up with real armies to get the cadets to feel battle. More mini-lessons with also be nice to see. That’s all I need to say, I’ll add more later.





I think getting an A+ was too easy this month. 6 medals isn’t enough. Hypothetically, if a cadet got 100% in the test, s/he could attend as little as two events (assuming s/he gets 2 medals at one of these events). That’s too easy. I really have no idea why it dropped down from 10. I also think, as every cadet undergoes the same regime, they should all end up the same rank – not sure which rank though (there original rank doesn’t matter, but their grade will still count towards which rank they get).

However, next month Purp has said the ACPTR will close on the 22nd (the last Saturday before Christmas). This means the system can probably be kept the same, for the purposes of December.

I also think we need new graphics. I’m not a big fan of the header, and the site could do with a couple of bright, helpful buttons (eg. contact the ACPTR). The chat graphics are good, but certainly very old. Also, the site pages all need re-formatting, updating, and the links need to be fixed, now that wordpress is blocked (we can re-route through acptr.webs.com or that post slider made which is linked from the ACP chat). However, I must give it to Jack – the chat pages do look very good.

This is a comment I made way back in December 2009 😮 There are two other comments, by Snowballpink and Slider, but these are not half as interesting 😉

There are some inactive staff members – we need to reshuffle.

Youtube – Simply says he has some fancy recording stuff, and he’s willing to make videos. With that and Foldez’s videos, we should have a good youtube channel going very soon.





First off I agree with Twingy that getting an A+ needs to be something hard to earn because it was really like we were just handing out grades this month, I suggest that it’s made clear what a cadet is expected to do to pass ACPTR and that we’re not here to be generous. 

What I’m about to say next might get a lot of negative comments but I just feel that it should be addressed anyways. Our classes haven’t been taught out well and I think there needs to be a good lesson plan or it should be made clear that staff need to write their own for classes. Classes also seem to be dry theres nothing interesting or fun about them really and that needs to be looked at and thought out because a lack of interesting things and fun might drive cadets away.

Finally something I’ve been saying for months. We need new graphics and not ones made by people who can only do the simplest of graphics. Maybe we can get in touch with Poch or Tomb and get some new graphics for a reasonable price which we can sort out. 

___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________



Anyone else:

Please feel free to suggest or comment on anybodies ideas all cadets/non-staff/others – we appreciate your input!

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