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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Twingy: I think it’s around the right time that you post the test now, Superoo/Purp. If you want to use the ACPTR email (acptrainingregiment@gmail.com) to collect the answers, PC me/Fold for the pass. It also has a youtube channel (youtube.com/acptrainingregiment) registered to it, which we’ll start uploading videos to soon.

Levandoski: I’m back for my holidays, and sorry for the inactivity.

So, I just wanted to know how many people will be around during December so we can decide whether or not to hold a December ACPTR. I am predicting that most of you will be here through the first half of the month, then leave on Holiday from about the 16th of December! 😉

Vote on the poll!

3 Responses

  1. Of course you’ll be holding a december ACPTR, I mean, seriously!?!

  2. A Youtube Channel? Sounds great…. If you need some committed help to that I can film, edit, and publish to the channel.

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