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My tips #1 How to make a screenshot

-Sorry! For Windows computers only-

Hi, I am Purple slime4, your ACP co-leader. I am giving you tips of how to be a good soldier. Here is my first post…On how to make a screenshot…

First, lets go on HOW to make a screenshot. When you are on Club penguin during an ACP event, try and take a screenshot when ACP is doing a tactic.

Here is how to make one-

How do I take a screenshot?

1) How to do it.

Press this key on your keyboard:   Your computer captures the entire screen and copies it. Find the Ptr scrn key on the upper right of your computer keyboard.

(Note) The ptr scrn key might be named something else on the keyboard. (It is still very similar though)!

2) How to paste it on a document (or anything else)

Hold the ctrl button and press the letter V on your keyboard. computer key V

Windows will paste it on to the document (or anything else).

3) Where can I paste it?

I recommend to paste it on paint. First, you go on paint then press do the Ctrl and V part. Then, your screenshot will pop up. You can crop it or make it bigger or smaller. Then, you save it and upload it! Upload the screenshots on Photobucket.com , Tinypic.com or any other sites that you know. When it has finished, give the link of the picture to your leader! It’s a great thing to do if you want to be a good soldier.

Any questions? Ask me!

7 Responses

  1. Well done!

  2. Thx u helped a bunch

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