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That Little Calendar Idea

Slider: I love the calendar idea.

Jack: I love this that is why I published this post because it deserves to be viewed,though I don’t believe we use Spy Class anymore. I also believe on the last week of a month we re-open the join page so we can have a greater amount of cadets for the month upcoming.I mean as you can see this calender has events before the 15th which is the join page closing date and in the past it has been troublesome to have classes during those first 14 days, with the lack of cadets up until we basically start everything up.

Well, here is the ‘Calendar’ idea I came up with, where ACPTR Teachers and Staff MUST follow it. Let me give a bit of an introduction about this idea.

It is called the ‘CALENDAR idea’ because, as the name says, it is basically just a calendar. We will make this calendar at the VERY BEGINNING of the month, so that ALL ACPTR STAFF know WHICH DAYS ARE CLASSES. We will not just put ‘Monday- Jimmybillyorangetango4’ ‘Tuesday- John1’ this is an ACTUAL CALENDAR where it displays ALL the days WHICH we will have CLASSES.As we all know, some classes are more important than others. I have simply written the order of importance for each TYPE OF LESSON (SUBJECT) eg. Spy, History, leadership etc. CATEGORY 5 SUBJECTS are the MOST IMPORTANT, while CATEGORY 1 SUBJECTS ARE THE LEAST IMPORTANT. The CATEGORY 5 SUBJECTS occur MORE TIMES throughout the month, as they are more important to teach.


5) Tactics

4) History

3) Spy

2) Army Basics

1) Recruiting and Patrolling

This chart shows the CATEGORY RANKS of each different SUBJECT. This would mean, if we were to schedule 4 UK Classes per week and 3 US classes, in a month there would be 16 UK classes and 12 US Classes. We would not just have a teacher saying ‘Right, let me make a post so CLASS TOMORROW’.

Below is the proposed CALENDAR I have made.

A very nice idea. Whether it will be put into practise well is yet to be seen.

What I do know is that there are some problems. First off, I think there should be only one event per weekend, and the other day for rest, or less events during the week. 

Also, I think you need to think more. UK and US arne’t split on weekends, that’s stupid.

Finally, we don’t have finals. We have tests posted. This shouldn’t get in the way of events. Instead, a part should be at the end. Also, recruiting and patrolling should be separate. But this is, nevertheless, a very good idea.

Twingy they are basically Finals I mean we are asking them to show us what they know, and we should cut down on the multiple choices because these Cadet talk to each other on chat we should have nicely worded questions in which the answer may very. On another note I’ll be making ACPTR a new GMail Account soon so the cadets may email us their answers.

I have a gmail account ready – don’t worry

Now, take NOTE. A FEW things may affect the timetable:

1) Well, as I have seen on the Cadets Page, there are more UK/GMT Cadets than EST/USA Cadets. If we find out that in 1/3 of the lessons (BOTH UK AND USA) that nobody has come, we may decide to cut the number of lessons in the future.

2) There is a MID-TERM 2 day rest in the middle of the month. A 7 day break is too long, as we usually see a drop in Cadet attendance when this happens.

3) Teachers (UK OR US) leaving and not being able to attend events.

Now, what is to happen with this CALENDAR? The idea is we will make a post on the ACPTR website, allowing teachers to put down what classes they would like to do.  Once this is done, a brief list of the classes and the teachers shall be posted.

Also, with the ‘UK’ events and ‘US’ events, this simply means that the times will be suited to whichever part is scheduled, but Cadets are welcome to come to US classes, even if they are UK.

5 Responses

  1. A like this idea, too. I will review it and it will be a great help especially in the future.

  2. Yeah I like it too

  3. I would just like to say that I like the calendar idea but only having a 2 day break throughout the whole Month of 31 days is not enough even for the teachers. I would just like to point out that you need to think about acp and the events that they post.

  4. this seems like a good idea but yo need to make sure the teachers can make the event times

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