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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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Hello Cadets of August 2012. I am you leader/director/principle, Antant98. I remember the time when I join ACPTR as a cadet and got an A+. I ACPTR helped me get a boost start in my ACP Career and it would help you, too. If you guys want a really good boost in your careers, then you would have to work for it. With hard work and determination, I am sure you will do well in this Boot Camp. I am hoping to get a lot of cadets who pass with an A+. I really want to see a lot of A+ Graduate as I have seen this month. If you are planning to join or don’t think you should join this boot camp, I urge you to join. You must be a rank of Corporal-Captain to join. Join ACPTR today to get a boost in your ACP Careers! Sign ups will began on August 1. I have an ACP General and a form ACPTR Staff Member who has something to say to you low ranked soldiers about ACPTR:

The ACP’s Training Regiment (ACPTR) is a an honor to be a cadet in, especially if you pass. You, the cadets, will be the future mods and owners of ACP. Your hard work will pay off in faster promotions and you will be better known by people. Take it from me, I never joined ACPTR and I joined ACP a YEAR ahead of Slider, and he got to 3ic when I made it to moderator. Do not take ACPTR for granted, because it isn’t “Here I came give me a medal.” You have to put some time into events, and pass tests, and I will occasionally give a free medal or two to any soldier who has done an act of bravery (stood up for a friend, didn’t lie, told about a raid, etc.) This month is almost over and a few people will pass, and some will not. I am telling you now as a friend, if you do not pass, do NOT give up in ACPTR or ACP. Giving up is worse than failing (unless if you fail multiple times in a row). ACP needs your bravery, courage, time, and effort to stay on it’s feet and alive. Now remember, all members and staff in ACPTR must be:

  • Loyal
  • Active (I need to work on)
  • Brave
  • Members of the Army of Club Penguin
  • Ready for duty upon calling

“All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers”


Although you are a low ranked soldier, you have to gain yourself up the ranks by hard work and determination. ACPTR will help you accomplish that. Once you join ACPTR please be active and show your hard work and determination to get a good grade or A+ in this Boot Camp. Even though you are a low-ranked soldier, dont give up! You will be a high-ranked and respected soldier some day. I HOPE MOST OF YOU GUYS JOIN ACPTR FOR AUGUST 2012! If you have any questions, you can ask our ACPTR Staff Members or make a comment on the help page.

Antant98 //  ACP General & ACPTR Leader

69 Responses

  1. I need to be on cadets page there is no limit to the cadets on ACPTR right? P.S what are drilling teams? They dont exist anymore right?

  2. sorry I cant make it to training to day because I have a bug on my computer

  3. can I join next month

  4. I can join acptr plz

  5. yea i want to join to grow stronger of ranks

  6. Could I join please next year on. The 1st of January ok

  7. I want to join ACPTR because I want to become the best solider I can be and I don’t want a promotion until you think that i absolutely deserve it.

  8. I want to join the ACPTR to become the best solider I can be, I only want to rank up if I deserve it. Can I join?

  9. Its 2:00AM January 1st, can I Join

  10. Erm, I’m not sure if there’s some formal thing I have to fill out to join, but unless ACPTR is shutdown as of now, I would like to join

  11. I would also like to join if possible

  12. l would like to join.

  13. I’ll join if possible

  14. i want to join but how?

  15. ?

  16. LIKE

  17. Username : Bobbygirl04
    I was in LT but i turned smart and wanna join this because LT is bullying other armies and calling it funny but you guys are fair!
    Please i will be a good ACP!

  18. Can I join plz? I really want to grow in my ranks and right now I’m only a Private 1. In case you need my username here it is: Giftshop7

  19. wondering if can join account ellamomma6

  20. can i join acptr???

  21. can i join? i was wondering when the fight begins.

  22. Kenneth1000, ACP Private
    Requesting to join ACPTR!

  23. Toughguy52 private. Requesting to join

  24. I already requested to join ACP, now I ask to join ACPTR.
    CP name: Falcon1101

  25. i want to join acptr because i want to get the rank and become a best soilder

  26. Ok, so, I am interested in joining the ACPTR for the moth of April. 😀

  27. I am joining My username will be Henry2242

  28. ok

  29. may I join in April then

  30. Am I joined?

  31. i want to join in april my is Name: Alexstorm21

  32. my name is Alexstorm21…XD sorry

  33. Can i join ACPTR?

  34. i want to join

  35. im joining in april if i could or may if i couldnt ill join in may

    username: tape4444 rank: staff sergeant

  36. Can i join?

  37. I joined 2 months ago. Please give me lessons. I’m loyal, Brave Active and I’m always ready for duty. Please ACPTR sirs, give me lessons…

  38. can i join in the ACPTR im brave and loyal and im active everyday im ready to be a ACP

  39. can i join

  40. can I please join

  41. Gian Lucak:warrant officer
    Requesting to join Comander Slime

  42. awesome i want to join

  43. hi i want to join

  44. I want to join as soon as possible

  45. sorry I didn’t know that I should tell you my CP name my CP name is Lolly 17 I hope I will rank c:

  46. I’m loyal I’m sure and I’m mostly active and I am mostly brave too yes sir I am ready for my duty I’ll do my very best pls rank me to the best you can thx :d

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