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The Retirement of Slider568, former ACP 2ic and ACPTR Leader

Today, Slider568, former ACP 2ic and ACPTR Leader (x3) officially retired from all ACP and Club Penguin Army affiliated activities.

Apart from a small ACP advisory role, the ACP will lose Slider, a loyal soldier for upwards of 2 years. This comes at an especially shocking and disappointing time because he was just about to become ACP leader.

I have decided, executing the powers vested within me by Tylo v5 and Snowballpink, to award Slider the highest honour available in the ACPTR for a member of staff, the Medal of Training .

He is awarded this for his length of service, his loyalty, and for never giving up on the ACPTR.

He will now join the list of prestigious penguins to have been awarded this honour.


(Read more for Slider’s post). You can view the original here for videos and suchlike.


This is it, the end of the road. My reasoning for retirement is simple, I’ve been stressed with ACP for a while, and I’m going into high school soon. I’ve been thinking what do I want to do this summer, do I want to spend my last entirely free summer on the computer? I need to get a social life too, I’m not retiring because of this Nacho war, and you can think whatever you want but my reasons are solely connected to real life.

My final reason is I’m not going to have the time I used to here at all, my parents have started to talk to me about how I’m on the computer too much, and want to limit me to an hour or two a day, which isn’t enough time to lead ACP. Mch, you’re leader now. I know you’ve wanted it for a long time since you retired, to show ACP you still have what you used to, so congrats. I think most people wanted him over me as well. Now for my little short story, if you don’t want to read it feel free to skip over it and comment telling me how much you love me :lol:

A new penguin named Slider is searching around the Club Penguin servers in early March 2010, and he finds himself logged into a battlefield on Mammoth. One of ACP’s old SWAT rivalries when SWAT used to be a rouge army lead by whoever fought ACP on Mammoth 24/7. One of the soldiers in green was yelling “JOIN ACP”. Curiously I looked up ACP on google, and it lead me to this website. It may have not had any of the fancy CSS or Domains, but no armies had a CSS or Domain back then. Boy was I in awe. I clicked the button at the top of the screen and joined. I came to battles, not much not chat to be honest, and went inactive near July.

I finally got my act together September 11th 2010, when I joined ACPTR. Thats where I met my best friend of all time – Skloop. After graduating with an A+ it became my first goal to be a staff member of ACP. With a lot of work and a bit of luck I was made a staff member as a Brigadier General. All of great for a while until Skloop retired in around January or February of 2011, I was a Major General or LT General around that time (which back then was a mod rank). Skloop and I grew further apart, even though we still kept in touch he came on chat to visit me less and less.

Well it was around March of 2011 and I finally achieved by first goal, to become ACPTR leader. To be honest I don’t know what my rank was around then, I think it was like General, but with becoming ACPTR leader I was eligible for Division General, I finally made it. Boy I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter, but it could. April 2011, I was voted by the public to Commander General. Buck and I screamed back and forth in PC for hours :lol: Skloop even showed up to tell me how proud he was. Then in the summer of 2011 I was elected 2ic, but it didn’t feel right, I wasn’t ready so I gave it to someone more deserving, Johnny one of my best friends in the ACP leadership. Well he retired and I took the reins, a bit more confident than before.

In my time in ACP we won countless wars, defeated PR, had our first (fake) funeral service, had our first ACP Olympics, said so many goodbyes, made new friends, and had a bunch of fun. Before my thank you’s, songs, and videos, I’d like to share two pictures that I’ll never forget….

My very first picture xD

Drigo: I remembered you bud :lol: By the way, Bunker still hates you.

Ktman: I doubt you’re still around to read this, but you were a great friend, back when I still liked Pokemon, I loved to talk with you.

Supperz: Mai Elite bish.

Happyman: I loved talking to you, you were honestly one of the most down to earth Division Generals I’ve ever met.

Albaro: We used to talk about your you tube videos all the time, I don’t care what anyone else says don’t stop making them.

Tanman: You’re my favorite Nacho leader by far, you were always respectful of everyone and you were always easy to talk to if someone needed some advice, or just wanted chat.

Sercan: What can I say? You made by first real pictures for wordpress and xat.

Flipper: Even though we’ve had our quarrels I still consider you a good friend, good luck in life bud.

Totojess: You were a great 3rd in command and did great leading Delta. Keep up the good work Ellen I mean Toto :lol:

Stew: We made a great story didn’t we? I don’t want to stop here though. We’ll still make more without a doubt, I’ll still be around on chat a bit so we’ll still have time :wink:

Pochoma: Thanks for everything bro, the graphics and all. You really are in my opinion the best graphics designer armies will ever see, I heard how you’re retiring soon too and your last request is to have a PB with ACP, I’ll see if I can make it happen. :wink:

Capncook: Being in the ACP leadership is a stressful job, and it was great I could talk to you and had someone else’s opinion who wasn’t afraid to tell me the truth without being a jerk about it either. But to be honest, it doesn’t look like our news site is going to take off, but it was a good dream amiright?

Maz: You can be rude, you can be disrespectful, and you break chat rules whenever you’re online, but you’re also one hell of a friend.

Declan: I needed someone in ACPTR who I could trust, that person was you. One thing is for sure, I made the right choice by giving you ACPTR after I received 3ic.

Mchappy: What can I say? You’re a great friend, you’re a great leader, and you are a trustworthy person, who I could trust to talk to if I ever started to doubt myself.

Asd: You have some great ideas, and you have a good chance to be big someday, the ACP Olympics were great, seriously do it again next year.

Tori: I know we’re not best friends, but it was fun joking around in PC, we really should watch American dad together sometime :lol:

Jack: You believed enough in me to give me a job in ACPTR, it’s what helped me take off in my army career, thank you.

Agent223: You have a lot of potential, don’t retire until you’ve made your mark.

Simply Leave: Just like Agent I believe you have a lot of potential in ACP, someday you could be an owner, even a leader if you try hard enough and learn from your mistakes.

Ladtom: I doubt you’ll ever see this, but thanks for everything, and thanks for giving me my chance to be a reporter, it was really fun.

Funks: You’re a great leader, a easy going person, and you’ll make one hell of a leader someday, even if Mch is coming before you and Ek.

Ek: No doubt about it, one of my favorite friends of all time. You make awesome graphics and you’ll make a great leader someday, just stick with ACP and keep up the good job.

Foldez: I saw you when you first joined, I saw you rise through the ranks, I even promoted you a few times when I helped Ken and Flip with the promotions post, don’t doubt yourself and keep up the good work.

Monsoon: *bans*

Fido: I still remember when we used to battle on Mammoth, ACP, SWAT, and the odd Nacho. :lol:

Klug: You were the wisest person ACP has ever seen and you were one of the few people who could understand that this is just a game and that it’s meant to be fun.

 Last but not least, my best friends I’ve made during my time here.

Skloop: I didn’t quite make it to leader but I had one hell of a ride. Thanks for all you’ve done for me. You were my best friend, I’ve ever had in my time in armies. You helped me out a lot when I first joined and I’ll never forget you. I’m serious, I’ll never forget you, no matter where life takes me I’ll still be remembering the good ‘ol days in ACP.

Noka: My favorite NASCAR buddy! Remember when we talked about someday going on a road trip in a classic car? :lol: I’ll be on chat for sure every Sunday for NASCAR races, we can watch the race together :mrgreen:

Ken: I remember you as a 2ic, you weren’t too active but nevertheless we got along just fine. You were a great leader and I’ll never forget you, just like everyone else I want to keep in touch on chat so stop by sometime. Good luck in life.

I’m retiring, I’m not leaving xat and I’ll come on chat every few days, and be able to finally enjoy chat without worrying about what needs to be done, it’s a stressful job when you think about it. Theres going to be no giveaways of powers or anything, I’m keeping them all *wary*

My requests are simple, but if they seem too much and they don’t get fulfilled – I understand completely.

1. I know it’s guaranteed I get mod, but nevertheless it wouldn’t hurt to ask for owner. xD It’s quite an unusual situation, but mod or owner it’s up to Mch, I won’t be angry if he says I shouldn’t be an owner.

2. I’d like to be an adviser of ACP.

3. My final request, to be to consider Capncook as a 3ic, I think he could make a difference.



For the last time,

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