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    Welcome to the Army of CP Training Regiment. Founded in 2008 by Omega3, over 200 cadets have passed through the ACPTR classroom and graduated to become some of the greatest members of the ACP community. Our graduates have gone on to become some of the most influential members of the army community and members of the ACP leadership and higher command! Today the tradition endures and the ACPTR remains the premier institution for training the ACP soldiers.
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A Glance From The Past :: A Look Into The Future :: Pointing Things Out

It’s been quite sometime since the last time I posted,but this of all things is drastically important.

A Glance From The Past

Alas it is time to look back and see where we began. ACPTR is hacked by an anonymous hacker through Declan’s account the site extremely damaged and all posts deleted. Though they persevered through such a depression with Slider assisting him at every step of the way. This new website began as nothing but turned into something great with:

  • 39.2k Views of All Time
  • 287 Posts Created Total
  • 14 Pages

I am truly astonish of how far this regiment has come, but we can do better. Take a look at how we began in July 2011 and then look at June 2012. Nearly 11 months ago we had less views than some Small Armies which have ceased to exist.

A Look Into The Future

The future of ACPTR is quite bright, though hopefully it will shine brighter than the Sun. We must toss out our old decrepit ways and bring in new ideas. A renovation as one might call it, behold a list of things which could be redone.

  • A New Header?

             -Many of you like the current one but it seems to be a bit of a drab, fairly redundant.Look at the ACP website it used to be identical to this one but now it is all jazzed up. Pizzazz people make this a welcoming environment , and not a place that when you join you think you will enjoy it but you later regret it.

  • More Teachers?

-Yes you heard my quite well. We need more teachers,during my time of being leader many classes were left untaught or no one attended. I suggest you keep some of the current teachers but add onto this pallet of paint. Throw in some UK Teachers ad a pinch of MST Teachers maybe have some PST. The last time I made an edit on the ACPTR site I put it out in fine black letters TO BE DIVERSE AMONG TIME ZONES. Don’t just ask for their name rank and experience, let them tell a bit about themselves interview them personally and don’t forget to mention Time Zones. It is crucial to the attendance of classes that we have a multitude of teachers at hand.

-On another note we should allow our teachers to have Interns,if the teacher who is holding the class is unable to make it the Intern can act a substitute who can hold down the fort while that Teacher is unable to participate.


  • Reconsider Medals?

-Now at the moment ACP is using the medals method developed by our own Cg. It is truly inefficient on a full scale army and it has been so far worked wonders on here. But it needs some reconsideration what if a cadet just comes to the event and says something every so often maybe move a little bit on CP but doesn’t really participate? Does he/she deserve a medal? Of course not, Teachers do not hand out medals like how, ACP hands out mod-ship, and like how Pedophiles hand out candy. Cadets have to EARN it… They will not benefit from our classes if they only want the medals to get a quick promotion. Let them work for it and if you deem them worthy enough to be handed a medal give it to them.

– Another thing, I want you guys to keep track of events okay? I believe we should develop a private page in which we type up the events,the date,the time it began/ended,the number of teachers and cadets who attended. Much better than searching through our archives for every single event.

Pointing Things Out

Lastly there are problems which have built up which may come back to bite us in the ass. I previously mentioned that we have a limited amount of teachers and we have to hire quite few more. For instances recently you fired Jcapp and no one has been asked to take his spot so at the moment there are only two Teachers in the U.S.

Superjay has an excuse to not be able to attend many ACPTR occurrences because of exams. Though Obama on the other hand is said to be a U.S. Teacher but I do not recall him being added to the site so that needs to be dealt with immediately. And then there are the UK instructors who’ve seem to be handling there classes quite well all except one. Casiusbrutus has hardly participated, never less planned a class since the First of June(which was canceled) when he was brought back.. Inactive for an entire month hardly ever checking the site, has he not been warned?

My final note to you ACPTR Staff is what are you going to do with Jcapp I see he is still on the website and that may be the one thing which may come back to bite you in the ass. You must also deal with Cas because in all my time of viewing this website I have never seen a teacher this inactive who didn’t warn us before leading.

I Bid You Adieu.


4 Responses

  1. Im going to hold a staff meeting July 1st if you want to go. PC me on chat for details.

  2. Neat post 🙂

    Although you’ve said we need more teachers, we only had two events unattended last month, a phenomenal feat. Obviously we need a couple of new USA instructors though that isn’t so vital over the summer.

    There are a few staff this month who haven’t done as expected; but it’s always good to hope that firings aren’t a necessity.

    I can’t really see your point about the events page. Medals are tracked on a separate page and it kind of shows itself as to which staff are attending. Admittedly though, there are some issues regarding overlapping of topics during classes such as history and leadership.

    I do think medals need to be renamed; I regularly see people confused about which medals are for the ACP and which for the ACPTR. However, I don’t believe that I ever see a cadet go to an event and deserve no medal. However, there should be more than one medal given out on more regular occasions, for hardwork.

    I don’t like the interns idea. We regularly have volunteers step in and I feel having interns would discourage these. Plus, it’s barely that a teacher is hired for a specific event.

    Coolto, why not post (or private post, or even edit) your meeting to the site. Wouldn’t be hard…

    I’ll be making a similar styled advice post tomorrow. I hope to make this staff meeting (if I knew when the hell it was ;)) but I can probably put all my ideas into a post.

    Jack: Just recently the ACP medals have been renamed to clovers by Mchappy and you are expected to have [♣0] in your name to represent.

  3. It would be an honor to help with teaching here one day!

  4. LEVANDOSKI CAN BE A TEACHER! Oh, and to remind myself for an army event, I usually put the event times on a sticky note.

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