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Patrolling results!

You get 1 medal!

Hi, I am posting the results of the Patrol session I scheduled. It was very nice! Here are the results….

Who came?














We got 3-6 on CP, when we patrolled, we patrolled a place on Club penguin each. It worked out fine! With our patrolling results, Breeze, our capital, is clear and Mammoth is clear. 

We started at 7pm BST and ended at 7:25pm BST and we did very nice patrolling! Everyone who came gets 1 medal! During our event, we also did a couple of tactics :

A couple of clovers during the event on Mammoth 😀

Clovers on Breeze! (we gained lots of size, eh?)

Good job today, guys! I am quite proud of you! 😀

~Purple slime4

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  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

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