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Jedi , you’ve taken over the elections xD

Originally posted by Miroos at acpbootcamp.wordpress.com

Even though I would give a rare penguin to one of my lucky voters , Jedimaster has dominated the elections ! She will surely win them … no doubt . Since The Jungle N pulled out , I can slip through by being third . So all of you that can vote right now , vote for me in the Poll 3 ( Jedi gave the link – look in the last post ) , or if you have a 2nd or 34d or 4th or 5th or basically more than one PC xD .

Well I need to see who is active , so whoever is active please leave a comment on this post .

Just say something like ” Hey , I am still active ” .

Oh yeah and this year I will be learning French and Spanish , so if you see any Spanish/French posts it means it is me … LOL just kidding .

PS . Jedi , thanks for saying I’m awesome !

PSS . You got to teach me how to get so many votes xD

PSSS . Click here for my new football ( translation to American – soccer ) site .

PSSSS . Also visit my football team in my class at my school’s site , which I made .

PSSSSS . And if you are bored , if you want you can visit my CP site .

PSSSSSS . Jedi , I hope you dont mind all of these links in this post ;)

PSSSSSSS . What ? Oh nothing … CYA ( LOL )

~~ The Beast ~~

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