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Practice Battle Update!

Clintos Edit:I’ve made up teams for the Battle, to make the teams even.w00t w00t!

There will be a Practice war on:

When:Saturday August 6th.

Where: Alpine

Time 3:00 PST

Practice War #1 – Defend the Coast!

Summary – Red Team is feeling pretty cocky stationed at the Cove and Forest, but they dont know that Blue Team has a Naval Invasion.  Blue Team is going to come hard, but will they take over the Coast or will Red Team prevail?


Red Team – Defend The Cove and Forest. Do not let Blue Team to the Plaza or you will lose.

Blue Team – Invade the Cove and Forest.  To win, you must reach the plaza.


Red Team =  


1. The Apache22

2. Aberacer3

3. jmmr88

4. Wingking22



7. Emilylondon

8. Big Goonie

 9. The Pin

Drill Sergeants:





Mr Random 1

Blue Team =



2. 1co2le3

3. Marshmello0o

4. ajf77

5. igdogjr916

6.The Bridgett

7.Hawkey 16



Drill Sergeants:






22 Responses

  1. yay im on blue team!

  2. yay im on red team grrr my team will win!!

  3. wait wait wait some people will either teleport to plaza or go by map or just run through! so thats not fair for red and i have seen some people do that cause i had this practice battle thing with GMA and they all teleported there!! we mite need something different! oh can i be a drill sergeamt cause im a Petty officer! and im the only one with a medal and ive got the most stars!


  4. braggy, braggy, braggy.

  5. w00t! go red! though im just wondering why the date is august six? its september. also some people will just teleport to the plaza and say they won.


  6. Khlagar and Im a Captain, but I think we should all do this for practice. Also what about the DTT?

  7. i know bridgett but people wont learn if they teleport there so that will be unfair and they wont learn gosh… edwadu shut up u little s*** im not braggin so shut ur pie hole just cause ive got more medals and im better than you so go suck a dummy!!
    bridgett how long have you been in acp for cause if youve been in acp for shorter time thats not fair! (im talking bout u being captain and me being petty officer)


  8. dont hurt ur self 😉

  9. there is no teleporting alowed and I will watch for it so dont worry also there not aloud to run through you its a practice battle rule

  10. geez can the battle be on different server alpine is full


  12. woot woot no teleporting

  13. it was on Saturday August 6th and that was AGES ago….
    change it to a september date

  14. i agree with khlager, get your dates right man!
    lol go us!

  15. well for the first time at boot camp i agree with the bragger

  16. edwadu you should quit while your ahead, your not getting anywhere fighting with khlager so just stop. its realy annoying and we dont realy care what you say. and khlager actully is much better than you

  17. ed ur a little shit i told you im not a bragger so get a pole and stick it up ur ass!! thnx jmmr88 for stiking up for me… ed just quit and stop fighting with me or ill make u quit!! by telling jedi or clintos

  18. ok ok just calm down ur highness.sheesh.

  19. and btw u cursed on this site twice sooo i dont know if he would remove ME more than U.

  20. jmmjr88:Go on the ACP site and look at the bottom of the ranks page it says
    It does not matter the rank
    theres not much of a diffference in sergeant and petty officer

  21. guys stop fighting, I didnt notice the date mix up and I didnt arrange this battle, i only made the teams, I am going to re-arrange the battle for a new day and server.




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